Year Number One In The Books

My goodness, I can't believe a year has passed since I walked down the aisle to my groom. I'm fairly certain every bride says that, the years go by so fast! Over the last year I have learned so much about myself, Josh and about marriage. 

Marriage is such a beautiful union and I regard my marriage so highly, treasure it so much, and care for it with all my being. In my card to Josh, I told him one of my favorite things about our marriage is how much we are a team. We have this little running thing that we always say #teamcolvin. No matter what the other one is experiencing or facing, whether good or bad, we are a team and we face it together. We encourage, support and pick up other up and that's something I am so thankful for. We never let the other one weather something without weathering it with them. Our "team" mindset we have going is something I hope we keep up forever. 

Another aspect of our marriage that I'm extremely thankful for is both of our abilities to forgive and apologize when one of us is wrong. If we get into any sort of tiff, give us ten minutes and I guarantee that one of us will be apologizing and the other one will be forgiving. During this year of marriage we have both been so diligent in admitting when we were wrong and saying "I'm sorry". This is another trait I hope we keep FOREVER. I'm proud to say that in our marriage we apologize, forgive and move on...and do so without going days or even hours between arguments. To Josh and I, it's not worth it to be mad at each other or in disagreement, life is short. Each passing breath is so fleeting, neither of us find it productive to hold onto issues that may arise in our marriage. 

Marriage shows you how selfish you are sometimes and it reminds you often how in love you are with your spouse. The chance to create a home with my husband makes my heart sing. I love creating an environment that is his and mine. One that we can welcome friends and family in to, and hopefully a place that our friends and family see our marriage and love for each other shine brightest. Marriage has shown me how selfless Josh is, that man waits on me hand and foot, it's really something else. Marriage has also shown me that Josh will leave his junk everywhere...every.where...ha! And it's ok, because occasionally I'll leave my junk around too. Marriage is a give and take. 

Being able to "do" life and share life with another person is magical, to me. Especially with someone you love so much. Each time we take a trip to a new place, go on a new adventure, try a new restaurant, it's all that more special because I'm sharing and creating these moments with my husband, the man I love so dearly. I get chill bumps just thinking about it. 

I'm on the edge of my seat excited to see what year two holds for us. The memories that will be written, the trips that will be taken, the laughs that will be shared, the moments that will hold a place in our hearts forever. 

Goodness gracious fella, I love you so much. You show me everyday what an outstanding example of a husband is. And let me tell you, I will never forget how wonderful you are and how darn lucky and blessed I am that I get to be your wife for the rest of life. You make each of my days a little brighter, keep me down to earth, and have me in stitches from belly laughs every.single.day. You make marriage so much fun. Your supportive spirit drives me day in and day out. Your willingness to do whatever I ask of you or whatever anyone asks of you is admirable, and I thank you for always putting me first. As I said in my vows over a year ago now, life with you is so, so sweet. And I mean that, everyday of this last year has been a dream come true. Even the really tough days. Because even on a tough day, we get to come home together and do life, good and bad days, together. And that's my favorite place to be, together. I love you more than you will EVER, ever know. Being Mrs. Colvin is truly an honor. 

Your Wife


I'm Alive, Just Tired

Hi friends, long time no talk. Popping in today to play a little catch up, if you will. I started my new job  and it has taken me quite some time to get adjusted to my new schedule, and I don't think I'm even close to being fully adjusted yet, ha! I'm exhausted, to put it lightly. 

As hard as it is for me to believe, Josh and I celebrated one year of marriage yesterday! One year. It went by in a flash, but it also feels like we've been married forever! Funny how time can play tricks on you like that. We went to Asheville, neither of us have been before and we fell in love. We visited the Biltmore House and had dinner at The Grove Park Inn, holy delicious and what a gorgeous view. Hopefully soon I'll get around to recapping our trip. (When I find one minute to breathe ha!) You can find recaps of our wedding here. We stuck with the traditional first year anniversary gift of paper. Josh put together a book for me chronicling the past year, I cried. It was beautiful and so thoughtful. I gave him a watercolor painting of Murphy and he absolutely loved it! I'll be sharing soon about how awesome my husband is and what I've learned about marriage this past year. Just for the record, marriage is so, so wonderful.

I know I've mentioned it a few times, but I did recently take a bunch of photos of our house, just need to find the time to actually edit them and get them posted here...you know how that goes, lol! I tried really hard to not decorate for fall until next week...but again...you know how that goes, so the house is decked out for  (for the most part) and I took it a little step further than last year on our front stoop and created a little fall magic. Last year we just had a pumpkin and a big yellow mum, so we're stepping up our game this year. 

Thank you all for the sweet comments and emails about my Papa, they were so appreciated!

Be back soon, friends!


Colvin Casa: Master Bedroom

Finally, I have gotten around to posting (more)of our home tour! I'm starting in our master bedroom, which is one of my favorite rooms in the house! It gets a ton of light and has high ceilings, two of my very favorite things. It also has great hardwood floors that came out of an old school house, I love the character it gives our room. All of our bedrooms have these floors, the owners before us had their grandparents put them in. We have quite a few wedding touches in this room, but what's a girl to do when she has a thousand wedding photos, all of which she loves? She prints them on canvas and puts them on all of the walls, of course ;)

 photo 027_zpsff1c25ad.jpg  photo 029_zps2267b833.jpg

Oh how we went round and round when registering for bedding...I'm happy to report that I'm very glad Josh talked me into this one, I truly love it! It's Trina Turk from Belk and probably the softest bedding I've ever felt. Heavenly after a long day at work.

 photo 037_zpsc7c2051b.jpg  photo 137_zps6cf9bbec.jpg  photo 139_zpsd0b71902.jpg  photo 028_zps3ca53c05.jpg  photo 035_zps244f3492.jpg  photo 030_zps1304e67f.jpg  photo 040_zpsb12eb3f8.jpg
 photo 140_zps06e2cadc.jpg
 photo 142_zpsd7b6cc7d.jpg photo 038_zps97b0439f.jpgWe have a master suite and our bathroom is just the right size for us. I'm a huge fan of his and hers touches in a bathroom and our shower curtain was an easy choice when we were doing our wedding registry. I really like how the colors from our bedroom flow into our bathroom.

 photo 045_zps04617df6.jpg  photo 046_zps420388df.jpg  photo 052_zps101681d8.jpg  photo 054_zps98a195ee.jpg  photo 049_zps8e634683.jpg  photo 048_zps8d1ac13f.jpg  photo 047_zpsa2071dcd.jpg

Decorating this space has been so much fun for me! I think it reflects mine and Josh's personality to a tee. As much as it seems "finished" to me now, if there's one thing I have learned from owning a home is that it is NEVER truly finished. For example, we'd love to paint our master bath a shade of coral...maybe a project for this winter? ;) Also to note, I'm extremely thankful that marrying Josh meant marrying a man with bedroom furniture that we didn't have to purchase ;)

side tables: Kirklands 
woven basket: World Market 
bedroom furniture: sweet grandparents
leather bench: Kirklands 
shower curtain: Target
bedding: Trina Turk from Belk 
his/hers towel hangers: Etsy 
tan chevron bathroom rug: Target
bedroom rug: Tuesday Morning 


Saying Goodbye

As y'all know, my papa recently passed away. He is my first grandparent to go and you talk about tough? Man oh man. I feel extremely blessed that this is the first death in my immediate family, making it twenty-two years before that happened is a good thing. I have to be honest, it still doesn't feel very real. I feel like I'm looking in on someone else's life and it's not actually my own. 

My papa had a contagiously sweet spirit. Every time I'd go to his house or he'd come to mine he'd say, "Have I told you something lately? I love you". You have no idea how much I'm going to miss hearing those words, or when the door would open and his back would be to it and he'd say "I HEEEEAR somebody" and I'd reply "hey papa!" and he'd say "there's my baby girl". Sweet, sweet moments friend. 

He was never without his cane, twelve hundred tissues and his hanky, "sav" for scrapes and cuts (which was actually just fancy neosporin lol), a cold glass of ice water, and laughs for days. He couldn't hear a thing and you'd have to holler every conversation you had with him. He always came over on Christmas day to see my gifts and each one I'd show him he'd clap his hands and say "Isn't that pretty grandmama, just look at that!". He loved wind chimes and has at least 10 hanging around his sitting area outside of the house. He was also a huge fan of rigging up things with whatever he had in the house, we always got good laughs out of his creations. He LOVED South Carolina football. He bought a new shirt to wear for the opening football game on Thursday, and how appropriate that his funeral was that day. If you're wondering if we buried him in his new shirt, you bet we did. He'd have it no other way than supporting his Gamecocks!

I'm fairly certain papa had been sick for awhile, but he loved his home so much, he didn't want to go to the hospital until he absolutely had to. It is HARD watching someone finish their life in a hospital, really hard. And this whole thing happened so fast. So, once he got there, things escalated so quickly, it was hard for my mind to catch up to what was going on in front of me. His first few days in the hospital, I just kept waiting for the call that we were going to take him home soon.  I know I had to have told him at least five hundred times while he was in ICU how much I loved him, what a good papa he was, and to not worry, I would take such good care of granny when he was gone. A side note, my mom and my granny are my girls. My sidekicks. My people. My crew. My heart. Three peas in a pod, those ladies and me. 

When we got home from the hospital on the day papa went to heaven, I was laying on our rug in the middle of the living room, crying. I told Josh "Papa loved you a lot. And he especially loved you for how much you love and care for his baby girl". Obviously, more tears ensued after this. Papa had a way about him where he would sometimes just sit back in his chair when all of his family was around and he'd watch us interact and love and pick on each other and I just know he was soaking it all in and we all made his heart so happy. That man loved his family so, so much. 

Watching someone take their last breath is totally an out of body experience. I didn't know what to do with myself. The monitors were showing that his heart beat was slowing and his breathes were few and far between and there you are in the midst of it all, and all you can do is watch and wait. I have never felt so helpless in my life and I hope I never feel that way again. I was tugging at my clothes, standing up, sitting down, over and over again, all the while sobbing, because it was happening and there was nothing we could do.

But looking back on it, while we were all crying and emotional wrecks, angels were singing and papa was making his way home to his Father. Chill bumps, y'all, chill bumps. 

The time we spent in the hospital completely and utterly drained everything out of me. Exhaustion set in, I had no more brain space or power left, mentally blank is exactly what I was. Leaving the hospital that Monday was almost as hard as watching papa go. I didn't want to walk out. I didn't want to go because I knew I wouldn't ever be able to come back in there and see papa again. I sat in my car just looking in my rear view, I truly had to force myself to drive away. But glory be to God that papa and I will reunite again in heaven one day. Praise, praise, praise! 

Funeral arrangements are hard, it's all business and you just lost a loved one. Those things don't mix well, at least not for me. Decisions here, decisions there, call this person, call that person, set up this appointment, go here for this appointment. Yeesh. It tires me just writing that out. 

But here we are, past all of that and I take comfort in the fact that it was papa's time to go and God was ready to bring his son home. Papa's suffering ended and he probably danced and jived all the way to heaven. Now it's time for us to start healing, I'm not exactly sure how that goes quite yet, but I know that we'll figure it out, and we'll be ok. My family loves each other so much and through this hard time, I have loved every minute of extra time we've got to spend together, even though we spent most of it crying. Just being surrounded by them made my heart happy.

I was laying in bed the other night and this whole grief, loss, and mourning business hit me like a ton of bricks. I don't know what the healing journey looks like, but I know the Lord will take care of my heart.

Papa, I love you so much, but you already know that. I can't wait to see you in heaven again one day and we will dance and sing and laugh, just like we did when you were here. I'm glad you aren't in pain anymore and that you are free from illness, doctors, and medicine. You sure were one fantastic papa. Thank you for all the slumber parties and naps you let me take in your lap growing up. Thank you for all the rides around the yard pulling me in the wagon. Thank you for never sending me home empty handed and never letting a scrape on my knee go un-kissed. Thank you for loving me so well. I promise that I will take the best care of granny while she is here without you, I love that little lady so much, she's my heart and soul, so don't you worry one bit about her. We are going to celebrate your life. First holidays will be hard without you, but I'm so glad that I know you're looking down on us. And I promise that we will always cheer extra hard for the Gamecocks every football season. You were a great man papa and I won't lie, I miss you so much and it hurts so bad. But enjoy yourself up there in heaven, you hear? We'll all be there with you one day, save us a spot. Have I told you lately, that I love you? Have I told you, there's no one else above you? You feel my heart was gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles, that's what you do...and at the end of the day, we'll give thanks and pray, to the One, to the One.