Marry Up

My husband consistently reminds me why I think he is the greatest being to walk the planet. His heart, I'm certain, is made of gold and his selflessness is admirable. 

I truly married up. 

My grandparents on both sides have been in and out of the hospital over the last month and Josh has made numerous trips with me to visit. My heart almost exploded just the other night as my papa was eating his dinner and having a little trouble. Josh got right up and said "hey papa, let me cut that up for you so you can have a better handle it" and proceeded to cut up and maneuver his food around so he could get it to better. He has fluffed pillows, arranged food carts, initiated conversation to keep their minds off of their hospital stays, and took exact notes as doctors and nurses came in and out of the room so that he could do more research when we got home on their conditions. 

That right there my friends, is a good man. Summer has been an extremely difficult season for us. Actually, looking back, every summer that we have been together has been...shall we say...crappy? ha! I don't know what it is, but summer always brings us difficult situations that are out of our control. Fall has consistently been our good season, so it goes without saying that I'm ready for a new season. Although summer has been hard, Josh has kept me in stitches laughing, has gone above and beyond with his duties around the house, has been an encourager and supporter, and has granted all of my cuddling requests. What can I say, this girl loves to cuddle! 

Thank you, Lord for sending me such a good man. I am so appreciative. I hope everyone in the world finds what I've found in my sweet Josh. 

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