List Making

In college I was a big list maker. Because of the five million things I had to do on any given day, if I didn't have a list, I don't know how I would have made it. After graduating, I kind of put my list making to rest. I'd make one every now and again, but then I'd forget and leave it at work or forget and leave it at home, you know where I'm going with this...I was always forgetting them and therefore, I just quit making them. 

I'm just going to put it out there that not making lists is a bad idea for me. 

I get to work in the mornings and I'm frustrated because I forgot to bring something with me or do something I needed to do before I left the house. Or better yet, I get in bed at night and THEN the fifty things I needed to do BEFORE going to bed hit me all at once. This all leads to sometimes me being very unproductive, and then when I do make a list...it's a mile long because I've added all the things I've forgotten for days to do. Pitiful, right? 

So I'm back to my list making and keeping up with things going on. My mom recently bought me this great little planner to keep in my purse and I've done a good job of filling it up and writing everything down that we have going on. And now I'm going to start everyday making a list of what needs to get done that day and put it in my planner, so that when I get home, I'll open my planner up and perch it on the counter so that I can't miss it and go down my list, checking off all that I need to do. 

I'm the queen  I used to be the queen of productivity and I need to get back to that. While I love a relaxing evening at home and I indulge in those every chance I get, some days stuff just needs to get done, you know? 

Who else gets joy out of crossing things off of their lists?! I know I'm not alone on that one. 

We had done a few updates to our house lately and I'm excited to share them here soon! Just minor things, but they make all the difference. Here's to hoping you have a happy Thursday and celebrate the fact that it's almost Friday! 

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