Life is short, but sweet for certain

Hey friends, I'm so glad to be writing in this place today. This past week was something else, let me tell you. Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Last Friday I got a call about 3 in the afternoon that my papa was being rushed to ICU. He had been in the hospital struggling with a lot of things, but the big issues were a failing liver and fluid on his lungs. Last weekend was a total blur, remember my post last Friday where I said we had many things to celebrate that weekend? Well, we didn't get to do much celebrating. But I can't tell you how thankful I am that I was able to be with my family every step of the way once papa was moved to ICU. Things got worse over the weekend and we were told Sunday that there was nothing else the doctors could do for him and it was just a waiting game. I have never felt so helpless, been so exhausted and mentally maxed out in my entire life. We were at the hospital day and night, just watching sweet papa lay in his  bed and take breath after breath. Heaven opened up and the angels sang papa home at 1:15 in the afternoon on Monday. We were all standing beside his bed when he went to be with Jesus. It was the toughest moment of my life, but looking back now, it was a glorious moment in heaven.

I mentioned last Friday that I hoped to share some home photos with you this week...but as you can tell, my mind was occupied by other things. Trying to get funeral arrangements and cemetery plots and everything else in between is exhausting. But, I hope to be back on schedule with those posts next week, if I can get my life together this weekend, LOL!

Ok, so moving on to another life changing moment since last Friday....

I actually can't believe that I'm writing this, but here we go. 

I quit my job. 

And it was one of the hardest things I've done. I truly value my job and especially the people I work with. It has been so integral coming right out of college and being able to contribute to my family's income and enjoy my work atmosphere. It is really difficult leaving, no if's and's or but's about it. However, my job wasn't in my field of study and wasn't what I saw myself doing forever. 

Enter a Sales Associates & Event Specialist position at a local event and wedding venue. I was offered this position and after SO much thought and even more prayer, decided to take the position. I don't know what the road ahead looks like, but I do know that this is a field I am extremely interested in and will enjoy. It's hard to leave a position with incredible security, set hours, etc. to jump into an industry that is gogogo nonstop with crazy hours. But when you see an open door that the Lord has presented you with, you walk through it. And that's what I'm doing. 

I'm excited AND nervous about what the future holds. I'm excited to see how I grow as a person, in my career, and in this industry. I have always been a dream follower, and I'm ready to follow this one.

I begged the Lord to speak to me and be clear about the decision He wanted me to make regarding this job. The day that I got the offer, I went to our guest bedroom and sat on the bed with my fuzzy blanket, Murphy, a candle, a glass of wine, and most importantly Shauna Niequest's book, Bittersweet. The chapter I began that night was entitled Twenty-Five. Here's a little excerpt of what I read,

"Some of the most life shaping decisions you make in this season will be about walking away from good enough in search of can't live without." "What makes you feel alive? What are you good at? What do you dream about?" "Try it, apply for it, get up and do it."

Tears filled my eyes and I looked up and said "I hear you, Lord."

So there you go, the craziness that is my life right now ;) My last day at the firm is next Friday, it's going to be a tough day leaving this place. And a little sneak peek at what my new office view is going to look like...

Kickstand Studio
....looking over the river to the skyline of downtown Columbia, don't mind if i do!

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  1. Oh, sweet friend. Praying peace over your family. It just breaks my heart to read it--my grandparents are so precious to me, I dread going through these emotions one day. Prayers and thoughts are going up for you! I'm so excited for your future moves...God has big plans, even when it just seems scary and hopeless. I can't wait to see what He does through you! I just finished Bittersweet too, and it seriously is just one of the best books ever. I sure hope your weekend is a little better!


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