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I recently bought myself a Clarisonic with my birthday money. I think as a whole, I'm usually pretty skeptical on buying big ticket items like that for skin care, hair care, beauty products, etc. But, I'd heard a lot of good things about Clarisonic's and I had birthday money, so I thought why not. 

I went back and forth trying to decide if it was worth the extra $50  for the Mia 2 and decided that for my purposes, the basic Mia would do just fine. I got it in lavender and purchased mine from Sephora. I looked at them online at Nordstrom and then in store at Ulta and Sephora. Sephora had many more colors to choose from, but in that same token, the girl at Ulta told me she had sold 4 before I came in, so they may have had an array of colors before then. 

I swear by Philosophy's Purity cleanser. I used it for a long while, then ran out and thought I'd try a few drugstore options but nothing, NOTHING, cleans my face like Purity does. While it is expensive, for  me, it's worth it. Other cleaners leave so much makeup on my face and it's frustrating, and obviously not that great for my skin. But Purity takes every bit off, so that is what I use with my Clarisonic. 

Clarisonic's, from what I've read, are made to "replace" a normal washcloth, therefore, it will take all of your makeup off. After googling "should I wash my face or take off my makeup before I use my Clarisonic" it seemed like people were split 50/50 on whether they took their makeup off beforehand or left it on. I decided that it seemed redundant to wash my face then use the Clarisonic after, so I take off my eye makeup and use a makeup remover wipe to take off my makeup, then use the Clarisonic to actually cleanse. (Some people actually wash their face before they use their Clarisonic and then again when using it).

After I'm done using my Clarisonic, it has a little discoloration from any makeup that was left over on my face, but it rinses right off. It's timed to only be on for 2 minutes because that is all you need to clean your face. I find that to be the right amount of time and feel like it's long enough to get my face clean. I leave the cap off of the brush head over night so that it has time to dry and not get moldy, then put the cap on in the mornings. I only use my Clarisonic at night, but I think some people do use it twice a day. 

My face stays relatively clear but definitely fluctuates from time to time with break outs. I do, however, have some cystic acne on my jaw line on both sides. After two uses of the Clarisonic, these spots were significantly better and hardly noticeable. A huge plus for me! My skin feels much softer and extremely clean after I use my Clarisonic. I'm looking forward to seeing how it improves my skin after extended use. I think we're going to purchase another brush head so that Josh can use it too...he said Clarisonic should make a black colored Mia because it'd sell well with men, and I have to agree with him. However, he has no issues using my purple one ;)

I'm definitely glad I took the plunge to buy myself a Clarisonic and I'm already impressed with how it has made my skin look and feel after using it for less than a week. Here's to beautiful skin! 

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