July Goals

Happy July, friends! This month is one of my favorites...because it's my birthday month! Next Tuesday to be exact. I'll be 22 and singing Taylor Swift allllll day, that I'm certain of. 

Let's take a minute to look back over the goals I made for June and see how I did: 

-First supper club: A BIG CHECK! Two of my best friends came over and we had the BEST time! I can't wait for this months! 
-Relaxation: I think I had a pretty relaxing day on the beach on vacation last week :) 
-Strawberry picking: FAIL! Boo. Our weekends really got away from us this month and I think strawberry picking only goes through June? Maybe next year. 
-Continued progress in the front and back yard: Check and fail, I think. Even though it's July now, we are having our privacy fence put up in our backyard today. I'm so excited for that baby. 
-Installation of our new bathroom faucets: You guys, these things are ridiculous. We tried about 3 times to put them in this month and failed every time due to needed a different tool, piping, etc. BUT I'm determined for them to go in this month. 
-Do a better job of sticking to our budget: We did 50/50 on this one but I'd give it a check 
-Continue juicing & cooking fresh dinners: Check! 

Now for July Goals: 
- Attend the local farmers market one Saturday morning
-Supper Club
-Install those darn faucets!
-Finish 'Cold Tangerines' by Shauna Niequist 
-Start a new Bible study

Here's what I know for sure is happening in July: 
-Celebrate my 22nd birthday
-Beach trip with Josh's family 
-Bachelorette party for a friend 

I'm excited for this month and all that it holds! I hope everyone has a great (SHORT!) work week and a happy, safe Fourth! Sad to see our boys lose in the World Cup last night, but proud of how far they made it! 


  1. I just love these "monthly goal" posts. I love the idea of a Supper Club, now I just need to get myself organized and actually plan one. I'm reading Cold Tangerines next and I'm looking forward to it. Are you enjoying it??

  2. Happy early birthday!!! Farmer's Markets are my absolute favorite thing! Good luck installing those faucets :)


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