A New Title

Hello, my name is Lindsay, this is my husband Josh and we are the new youth directors at Beulah UMC. 

This is it, friends! It feels CRAZY even typing that out! But sure enough, Josh and I have accepted the position of Youth Director at our church. We're thrilled. We're nervous. We're anxious. We're excited. We're scared. 

We're lots of things, ha! We are truly humbled to be able to have this job. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, our church is renovating our old sanctuary and day care and turning it into a youth center. I spent many, many years running down the steps of the school bus and into that day care building growing up. I'd put my book bag on my hook, eat snack, and bust through the backdoor onto the playground to climb monkey bars and swing as high as I could until I heard someone yell "LINDSAY!" and I knew my mom or dad was there to get me and it was time to go home. 

All of that to say, I grew up in that space, that building. And to now get the honor and privilege to help grow the lives of other young people in that same building just makes my heart smile. 

Josh and I helped one day during the renovation and as soon as we walked in the door, memories of my time at day care came flooding to my mind and I was showing Josh where I sat everyday for snack and where my cubby was. On the last night of the 3 day renovation, we worshiped in the old sanctuary and Jesus was filling that place to the BRIM. I so clearly heard Him tell me "YES!" as I was sitting in the pew. Telling me yes to accepting this position and that He would lead us, no need to worry about a thing.

I have to admit, my well has been dry for a spell. After co-leading devotions for my sorority in college for so long, I felt like I was used up and I needed to be taught. I needed my teaching to take a backseat and I needed to learn again. I am overjoyed to dive back into the word again, learning in a new way so that I can teach lessons each week, alongside my husband.

Speaking of my husband, have I mentioned how blessed I feel to be able to work with him, growing the Kingdom?! Talk about falling more in love! He is GREAT with youth, much better than I am, I'm sure of that. And to be able to put our thoughts and efforts together to lead them is an awesome opportunity.

God is good, y'all. So very good. Whatever good comes from this youth group has not one thing to do with Josh and I. It is all from God. Every single bit of it. I'd love it if you prayed over our new journey. We would certainly appreciate it.

I know that as rewarding as this is going to be, it's sure to be tough at times too. I'm ready to learn and grow with these youth. Tonight we're going to organize the current youth space and get things together for our first Sunday! I'm excited to get started and see where all of this goes. I pray that the Lord's hand is ALL OVER this and that we go and do however He may call us. 


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