A Mission

Yesterday, our home got a mission statement. This idea was sparked when I was reading The Nesting Place. That book truly rocked my world on the way I view my house, I recommend it to everyone. After reading it, I really thought that our home needed a mission statement. A statement that reflected what Josh and I wanted to happen in between our four walls, how we wanted to feel in our home and how we wanted others to feel, too.

Have you ever walked into a family member or friends home and felt like it was a place that held a lot of great memories? I just love that feeling. I love spending time in homes that make me feel comfortable. I think most people would agree with that, don't you? 

We want our home to have purpose and meaning. We want it to be a safe haven, a place where belly laughs are shared, tears dried, dreams shared, celebrations had, stories told, actions forgiven, and love abundant. 

We want friends and family to feel welcome in our home. we want them to come over every chance they get. I want to create memories inside those four walls, ones that will be carried into time. Kind and encouraging words will be spoken in our home. Mistakes will be made and they will be forgiven. Choices will have to be made, and we'll make them together. Friends will come over and we will shower them with love. We will nourish our relationships.

The most important thing we want our home to hold is a love for Christ. A place filled with prayer everyday. Individual prayers, shared prayers, prayers over each other, prayers over our family, prayers over our friends, praises over accomplishments, prayers over health.

A little snippet from our mission statement: "These walls foster passion, courage, happiness, love and thanksgiving."

Does your home have a mission statement? If not, definitely think about creating one. It's such a good reminder when I walk in the front door each day and see these words. 

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