A Back Story

I've been hinting here on the blog and on instagram about a new adventure that will be taking place in my life pretty soon. I'm not ready to share what that is quite yet...almost! Just a few more loose ends to tie up. But, I do want to give you a little bit of a back story on how this adventure came about, etc. 

So, beginning about March, I started throwing around the idea of starting my own wedding coordinating business. Over the course of a few months I got paperwork together for my business license, made (and re-did) a website, printed labels and envelopes and letterhead, typed up contracts and packages, the works. I was ready, excited, pumped up, and a little bit afraid too. I put tons and tons of time into creative my vision, defining my purpose and mapping out exactly how I wanted my business to run. 

The next step in my business venture was to get pictures taken for the website and nail down a launch date. When it came to making these two things happen, I really started to pump the brakes and I wasn't as gung-ho about it like I was with the rest of the things I had done to get the business off the ground. A huge part was fear. I even wrote a whole post about it, and it's sitting in my draft folder right now. At the time I didn't know why I couldn't make myself take the last step to get my business off the ground. It was like there was this little wall in the way that I just couldn't get over. 

So fast forward a few weeks and Josh and I are approached about a job. Said job will be announced shortly (read job: adventure!). We weren't 100% sold on this job offer at first, a lot of praying and discussing went in to our decision and it took us a couple of weeks to make it. We came to the table on a Wednesday night and I told Josh "I'll say my answer to this position, you say yours and if they are both yes, we'll do it; if they are both no, we won't do it; and if they are different, you're the head of our household and we'll go with your answer". 

Josh looked at me and said "I'm not sure that I want to do it but I know the Lord wants me to. So, it's a yes." His honesty in that moment was so raw and I admire him for that. He admitted this position was something that he might not necessarily think he can do, or currently have a great passion for, but if there is one thing my husband knows, it's when the Lord is calling him. His ability to listen to God and hear Him is astounding. If anyone was wondering, I came to the table with an answer of "yes".

After our discussion it all made sense to me why my desire to solidify my business came to a halt. It's because the Lord had different plans for me. He knew I couldn't do my current job, a side wedding business and this position right now. So He put to rest my wedding desire and stirred in my heart the plan He had for me. I'm so thankful for that. 

This position is just part time, once a week actually. We're very excited and a bit nervous. So, there's the back story on how this all came about. I'll be back soon to announce our news!

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