A Mission

Yesterday, our home got a mission statement. This idea was sparked when I was reading The Nesting Place. That book truly rocked my world on the way I view my house, I recommend it to everyone. After reading it, I really thought that our home needed a mission statement. A statement that reflected what Josh and I wanted to happen in between our four walls, how we wanted to feel in our home and how we wanted others to feel, too.

Have you ever walked into a family member or friends home and felt like it was a place that held a lot of great memories? I just love that feeling. I love spending time in homes that make me feel comfortable. I think most people would agree with that, don't you? 

We want our home to have purpose and meaning. We want it to be a safe haven, a place where belly laughs are shared, tears dried, dreams shared, celebrations had, stories told, actions forgiven, and love abundant. 

We want friends and family to feel welcome in our home. we want them to come over every chance they get. I want to create memories inside those four walls, ones that will be carried into time. Kind and encouraging words will be spoken in our home. Mistakes will be made and they will be forgiven. Choices will have to be made, and we'll make them together. Friends will come over and we will shower them with love. We will nourish our relationships.

The most important thing we want our home to hold is a love for Christ. A place filled with prayer everyday. Individual prayers, shared prayers, prayers over each other, prayers over our family, prayers over our friends, praises over accomplishments, prayers over health.

A little snippet from our mission statement: "These walls foster passion, courage, happiness, love and thanksgiving."

Does your home have a mission statement? If not, definitely think about creating one. It's such a good reminder when I walk in the front door each day and see these words. 


Hello Beautiful Skin

I recently bought myself a Clarisonic with my birthday money. I think as a whole, I'm usually pretty skeptical on buying big ticket items like that for skin care, hair care, beauty products, etc. But, I'd heard a lot of good things about Clarisonic's and I had birthday money, so I thought why not. 

I went back and forth trying to decide if it was worth the extra $50  for the Mia 2 and decided that for my purposes, the basic Mia would do just fine. I got it in lavender and purchased mine from Sephora. I looked at them online at Nordstrom and then in store at Ulta and Sephora. Sephora had many more colors to choose from, but in that same token, the girl at Ulta told me she had sold 4 before I came in, so they may have had an array of colors before then. 

I swear by Philosophy's Purity cleanser. I used it for a long while, then ran out and thought I'd try a few drugstore options but nothing, NOTHING, cleans my face like Purity does. While it is expensive, for  me, it's worth it. Other cleaners leave so much makeup on my face and it's frustrating, and obviously not that great for my skin. But Purity takes every bit off, so that is what I use with my Clarisonic. 

Clarisonic's, from what I've read, are made to "replace" a normal washcloth, therefore, it will take all of your makeup off. After googling "should I wash my face or take off my makeup before I use my Clarisonic" it seemed like people were split 50/50 on whether they took their makeup off beforehand or left it on. I decided that it seemed redundant to wash my face then use the Clarisonic after, so I take off my eye makeup and use a makeup remover wipe to take off my makeup, then use the Clarisonic to actually cleanse. (Some people actually wash their face before they use their Clarisonic and then again when using it).

After I'm done using my Clarisonic, it has a little discoloration from any makeup that was left over on my face, but it rinses right off. It's timed to only be on for 2 minutes because that is all you need to clean your face. I find that to be the right amount of time and feel like it's long enough to get my face clean. I leave the cap off of the brush head over night so that it has time to dry and not get moldy, then put the cap on in the mornings. I only use my Clarisonic at night, but I think some people do use it twice a day. 

My face stays relatively clear but definitely fluctuates from time to time with break outs. I do, however, have some cystic acne on my jaw line on both sides. After two uses of the Clarisonic, these spots were significantly better and hardly noticeable. A huge plus for me! My skin feels much softer and extremely clean after I use my Clarisonic. I'm looking forward to seeing how it improves my skin after extended use. I think we're going to purchase another brush head so that Josh can use it too...he said Clarisonic should make a black colored Mia because it'd sell well with men, and I have to agree with him. However, he has no issues using my purple one ;)

I'm definitely glad I took the plunge to buy myself a Clarisonic and I'm already impressed with how it has made my skin look and feel after using it for less than a week. Here's to beautiful skin! 


A New Title

Hello, my name is Lindsay, this is my husband Josh and we are the new youth directors at Beulah UMC. 

This is it, friends! It feels CRAZY even typing that out! But sure enough, Josh and I have accepted the position of Youth Director at our church. We're thrilled. We're nervous. We're anxious. We're excited. We're scared. 

We're lots of things, ha! We are truly humbled to be able to have this job. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, our church is renovating our old sanctuary and day care and turning it into a youth center. I spent many, many years running down the steps of the school bus and into that day care building growing up. I'd put my book bag on my hook, eat snack, and bust through the backdoor onto the playground to climb monkey bars and swing as high as I could until I heard someone yell "LINDSAY!" and I knew my mom or dad was there to get me and it was time to go home. 

All of that to say, I grew up in that space, that building. And to now get the honor and privilege to help grow the lives of other young people in that same building just makes my heart smile. 

Josh and I helped one day during the renovation and as soon as we walked in the door, memories of my time at day care came flooding to my mind and I was showing Josh where I sat everyday for snack and where my cubby was. On the last night of the 3 day renovation, we worshiped in the old sanctuary and Jesus was filling that place to the BRIM. I so clearly heard Him tell me "YES!" as I was sitting in the pew. Telling me yes to accepting this position and that He would lead us, no need to worry about a thing.

I have to admit, my well has been dry for a spell. After co-leading devotions for my sorority in college for so long, I felt like I was used up and I needed to be taught. I needed my teaching to take a backseat and I needed to learn again. I am overjoyed to dive back into the word again, learning in a new way so that I can teach lessons each week, alongside my husband.

Speaking of my husband, have I mentioned how blessed I feel to be able to work with him, growing the Kingdom?! Talk about falling more in love! He is GREAT with youth, much better than I am, I'm sure of that. And to be able to put our thoughts and efforts together to lead them is an awesome opportunity.

God is good, y'all. So very good. Whatever good comes from this youth group has not one thing to do with Josh and I. It is all from God. Every single bit of it. I'd love it if you prayed over our new journey. We would certainly appreciate it.

I know that as rewarding as this is going to be, it's sure to be tough at times too. I'm ready to learn and grow with these youth. Tonight we're going to organize the current youth space and get things together for our first Sunday! I'm excited to get started and see where all of this goes. I pray that the Lord's hand is ALL OVER this and that we go and do however He may call us. 


A Back Story

I've been hinting here on the blog and on instagram about a new adventure that will be taking place in my life pretty soon. I'm not ready to share what that is quite yet...almost! Just a few more loose ends to tie up. But, I do want to give you a little bit of a back story on how this adventure came about, etc. 

So, beginning about March, I started throwing around the idea of starting my own wedding coordinating business. Over the course of a few months I got paperwork together for my business license, made (and re-did) a website, printed labels and envelopes and letterhead, typed up contracts and packages, the works. I was ready, excited, pumped up, and a little bit afraid too. I put tons and tons of time into creative my vision, defining my purpose and mapping out exactly how I wanted my business to run. 

The next step in my business venture was to get pictures taken for the website and nail down a launch date. When it came to making these two things happen, I really started to pump the brakes and I wasn't as gung-ho about it like I was with the rest of the things I had done to get the business off the ground. A huge part was fear. I even wrote a whole post about it, and it's sitting in my draft folder right now. At the time I didn't know why I couldn't make myself take the last step to get my business off the ground. It was like there was this little wall in the way that I just couldn't get over. 

So fast forward a few weeks and Josh and I are approached about a job. Said job will be announced shortly (read job: adventure!). We weren't 100% sold on this job offer at first, a lot of praying and discussing went in to our decision and it took us a couple of weeks to make it. We came to the table on a Wednesday night and I told Josh "I'll say my answer to this position, you say yours and if they are both yes, we'll do it; if they are both no, we won't do it; and if they are different, you're the head of our household and we'll go with your answer". 

Josh looked at me and said "I'm not sure that I want to do it but I know the Lord wants me to. So, it's a yes." His honesty in that moment was so raw and I admire him for that. He admitted this position was something that he might not necessarily think he can do, or currently have a great passion for, but if there is one thing my husband knows, it's when the Lord is calling him. His ability to listen to God and hear Him is astounding. If anyone was wondering, I came to the table with an answer of "yes".

After our discussion it all made sense to me why my desire to solidify my business came to a halt. It's because the Lord had different plans for me. He knew I couldn't do my current job, a side wedding business and this position right now. So He put to rest my wedding desire and stirred in my heart the plan He had for me. I'm so thankful for that. 

This position is just part time, once a week actually. We're very excited and a bit nervous. So, there's the back story on how this all came about. I'll be back soon to announce our news!



I woke up this morning to Josh's alarm blaring "I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' TWENTY TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". And of course, I immediately starting jamming out and singing along. 

Everyone at the office has given me the "What?! You're only 22? No way. You've got to be older than that!". Which isn't much of a surprising response for me...I am, shall we say, an old soul. Old, old soul. But I kind of dig it ;) 

21 was a HUGE year for me. HUGE! I got married, bought a house, started a new job, adopted a dog, celebrated lots of "first" married holidays; and now here I am, starting my year of 22. Last year was a wild one. Filled with mostly great but also some tough ones. I do hope that 22 is a bit calmer, but just as exciting. 

I was telling Josh that I felt like I needed to celebrate my mom today. For doing some serious labor 22 years ago to bring me into this world. You're the best Mama ;)!

I'm so thankful that the Lord has given me another year. I hope I have many, many, MANY more to come. There's lots of living to do! 

Here's to 22, friends! I'm excited to chronicle another year of life here on the blog and I can't thank you enough for following along with me. I have a good feeling that 22 is going to be a great year, filled with lots of memories, laughs, good eats, good travels, and good time spent with family and friends. 

Now, join me in a dance party to Taylor Swift, would you? 


Another Holiday in The Books

Hey friends! How was your Fourth?
I hope you enjoyed a nice, long and relaxing weekend. We did some home shopping on Friday then grilled out and headed to a local baseball game. This is our third year going to a Blowfish game and watching fireworks after for this holiday and I think we just may have started a tradition. The fireworks this year we're the BEST they've ever had and the weather...oh my goodness the weather! It was awesome, I didn't sweat at all and there was a slight breeze. Is there anything better? We also celebrated ONE YEAR ago touring our home for the first time (July 3), putting in an offer (July 4) and that offer being accepted (July 5). I'm really not sure how the past year got away from us so quickly but I'm glad that a year ago we found our first home. We're more in love with it now than we were the first day we stepped foot inside.

Saturday we got up bright and early to spend the day at our church renovating our old sanctuary and daycare. It's being turned into a new youth center and our church is SO excited over this. A lot of work got done this past week but there's still a lot more to be done. In three short days the Lord has already blessed this project many times over. I truly can't wait to see how it all turns out. Worship on Saturday night was awesome. The Lord filled that place to the BRIM! And I couldn't help but sing as loud as I could and raise my hands to heaven.

Yesterday, I cleaned house then celebrated my 22nd birthday (which is tomorrow!) with my family. I just love spending time with those folks, so thankful for a close knit family who I get to see often.

Some preeeeeeeeetty big things happened this weekend, that I'll be sharing with you soon. It's wonderful, wonderful news. News I'm so pumped up about, nervous about, anxious about, but most importantly excited and ready for. The Lord has presented an opportunity for Josh and I to work alongside each other and I can't think of a job I'd rather have than getting to work with my husband. 

I hope this Monday treats you well! 


July Goals

Happy July, friends! This month is one of my favorites...because it's my birthday month! Next Tuesday to be exact. I'll be 22 and singing Taylor Swift allllll day, that I'm certain of. 

Let's take a minute to look back over the goals I made for June and see how I did: 

-First supper club: A BIG CHECK! Two of my best friends came over and we had the BEST time! I can't wait for this months! 
-Relaxation: I think I had a pretty relaxing day on the beach on vacation last week :) 
-Strawberry picking: FAIL! Boo. Our weekends really got away from us this month and I think strawberry picking only goes through June? Maybe next year. 
-Continued progress in the front and back yard: Check and fail, I think. Even though it's July now, we are having our privacy fence put up in our backyard today. I'm so excited for that baby. 
-Installation of our new bathroom faucets: You guys, these things are ridiculous. We tried about 3 times to put them in this month and failed every time due to needed a different tool, piping, etc. BUT I'm determined for them to go in this month. 
-Do a better job of sticking to our budget: We did 50/50 on this one but I'd give it a check 
-Continue juicing & cooking fresh dinners: Check! 

Now for July Goals: 
- Attend the local farmers market one Saturday morning
-Supper Club
-Install those darn faucets!
-Finish 'Cold Tangerines' by Shauna Niequist 
-Start a new Bible study

Here's what I know for sure is happening in July: 
-Celebrate my 22nd birthday
-Beach trip with Josh's family 
-Bachelorette party for a friend 

I'm excited for this month and all that it holds! I hope everyone has a great (SHORT!) work week and a happy, safe Fourth! Sad to see our boys lose in the World Cup last night, but proud of how far they made it!