Hey June!

Mercy alive! Is it really June? I won't go into the whole deal of it almost being half way through the year and I can't believe it...but really, I can't believe it. 

June is looking like it might be a crazy, action-packed, traveling, fun times month for the Colvins and HEAVENS TO BETSY DO WE NEED IT! Literally, just thinking about how tough April and May were almost sends me into instant tears, but here we are, at a new month and I am so hopeful that this month brings happiness, zero stress, GOOD HEALTH and overall enjoyment. We need it, we desperately need it. 

So here is what I'm hoping we get to accomplish in June: 
- First supper club (!!!)
- Relaxation 
- Strawberry picking at a local farm 
- Continued progress in the front and back yard 
- Installation of our new bathroom faucets
- Do a better job of sticking to our budget (Side note: Someone tell me why it's so hard?!)
- Continue to keep juicing regularly and cooking FRESH things for dinner (we did great with this May, hoping it continues in June)

Here is what I KNOW is on the agenda for June:
- Bridal shower for a sweet friend 
- Bruno Mars concert (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Beach vacation 
- Mom spending a weekend with me while Josh is on a golf trip 
- 2 family members graduation 
- a family members birthday 
- a trip to the tea house (!!!!) 

As you can see, lots of things planned and I fully plan on enjoying all of them. We also have a big decision to make in June about an opportunity that has been presented to us, so if you have a chance, I'd love for you to pray for direction and clarity on our decision.

We had a great weekend around these parts! We kicked off the weekend with a little froyo eatin' on Friday, a little golfin', back porch sittin', sippin' and grillin' on Saturday and a little nappin', Murphy bathin' and peach cobbler eatin' on Sunday. I wouldn't mind repeating that sequence many times this Summer.

Happy Monday! I hope your coffee rocked this morning! I guzzled mine this morning on my drive to work ;)

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  1. June looks like such a fun month for you! I thought I was busy with a graduation, wedding and bridal shower! Gotta love summer!


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