A Day in The Life

I've been looking forward to today ever since Rachel and Brittany announced this link-up was happening. As Rachel has stated on her blog, my MOST favorite thing about blogging is when the gals share about their homes, lives and day-to-day things. It's a great way to take a peek into their lives and get to know them better and I'm excited to be able to do that today! I really wish I was disciplined enough to have taken these on my DSLR....but alas, days are busy and iPhone photos are going to have to do today!

Our alarm goes off around 6:45 and if we're juicing that morning I try to hop right up so I can get that done and get it all washed. Dishes before 7 a.m...unfortunately, yes! HAHA! However, this was an "off" morning for juicing so I lay in bed after the alarm goes off for a couple minutes and then I shuffle to the kitchen and get my Keurig brewing. What a glorious sound and smell when that little guy starts to brewing. Then I go lay back in bed with these two cuties for a few minutes and sip on my coffee. Murphy usually sneaks a sip or two in too!

I get ready for work, eat breakfast, pack lunch, feed the pup and then head out of the door around 8:10 to be at work at 8:30. This is my view at the office. I work at a law firm in downtown Columbia. Traffic drives me BONKERS every morning. 

At lunch I sit in my car and eat and then read. Is that the lamest thing you've ever heard? Probably so. It's been a little touch and go with the car sitting situation this week because it's been 98 everyday with a heat index of about 104...needless to say it's very hot. I try to land the spot in the shade if I get to the office early enough so that I avoid sweating to absolute death. Some days I run errands, get groceries or go home and play with Murphy. 

I do things like check email, scan, copy, etc. until 5 o'clock rolls around and then I hit door...and fight more traffic to get home. Can you tell downtown traffic kind of makes me crazy?!  On a normal weekday, Josh and I meet at the gym after work and work out for about 45 minutes and then head home. Once we're home we let Murphy in the front yard and chase him around to run off some energy and I'll water my flowers. Then we'll make dinner, clean up the kitchen and rest for the night. Yesterday was a bit different because I met up with a group of creative women/business owners/bloggers in Columbia and we had dinner at Libertys, it was absoutely wonderful! All of this came to be after we all went to Lara Casey's event in town a few weeks ago! So I scooted home for a few minutes to freshen up then back out I went. 

We had a great time and dinner and hope to make this a monthly deal. These women are the SWEETEST and so inspiring! Did I mention how creative they are?

Back home again after dinner. I head inside and tell Josh how much fun I had and last night just happened to be the night that we had to make a decision on an opportunity that has been presented to us so we sat and chatted for awhile, made our decision and then prayed over it. The saying below is a part of the little gifts that we got from the girls who set up last nights #columbiacreatives meeting, so appropriate for the decision Josh and I were making! 

I shower then plop on the couch to watch a little TV and spend some time with my husband. Evenings seem to go by SO FAST! Anyone else feel that way? Sometimes it feels like the minute we get home the clock jumps into overdrive and it's 10 before I know it.

Right before bed I peel and wash the fruits and vegetables to use for our juice the next morning. This is just a little of what goes into our concoction, carrots, beets and a little ginger. In the morning I add kale, an apple and an orange to the mix. 

Then I head to our bedroom, brush my teeth and moisturize then I crawl into bed, do some Bible reading and then I'm out like a light. Josh isn't far behind me. 

So there ya go, that is what a typical day looks like for me! Thanks so much for hosting this link up, ladies! 

Rachel Rewritten


  1. I sit in the car and read, too! Sometimes I drive to sonic for drink and use their wi-fi on my iPad or keep reading/listening to an audiobook!
    I have the same comforter! We got a more gender neutral one when I got married last year, but I love that one so much. I didn't want to let it go. It was my first step towards my perfect girly bedroom, but I met my husband like a month later--then we were married 8 months after that!

  2. I work in downtown Columbia too! We actually are in the same office building as a law firm. I'm with the Cultural Council. Your house is precious, by the way! Excited I found another SC blogger through this linkup!

  3. Oh, I'm loving this post! So glad you linked up with us!! I think it's hilarious how everyone's post starts off with coffee and/or a Keurig. Coffee first, then everything else! Are you liking Cold Tangerines? I haven't started it yet but love her work and can't wait to read!!! That wreath on your front door is fabulous...I need one of those :)

  4. Your house is adorable! So glad I found your blog!

  5. Oh Im so happy I found your blog, I love it. It seem every one has a Kurig. I need to invest in one. I have a ancient coffee maker lol.

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