You Guessed it...Another Crazy Story

I know y'all are probably a) tired of hearing my bizarre stories or b) wondering how the heck these things actually take place as often as they do. 

So here we go...another story to put down in the book of craziness that is our first year of marriage. We've started working pretty dilignetly on our yard over the past month or two and happened to notice that it looked like we had an in ground sprinkler system (cue the angels!). We both found it curious that no one mentioned that in the listing of the house or on closing day so we decided to email the previous owners to see if they could give us some direction on how to use the system. We heard back from the wife who said "There is a hole in the ground with a green plastic cover on it, in front of the master bedroom window. When you take the cover off there is a knob to turn it on." 

Oh goodie we thought, a hole in the ground that we just recently covered with what seems like two tons of mulch. We go out one afternoon after work to dig for this hole and cover and it ended up getting too dark so we called it quits for that night. The next day we went hunting again and bingo! We found the hole with the cover clearly labeled "Irrigation Control". So we dug around it really well, got the cover off and when we opened it the red knob was another foot into the ground! Josh and I both thought it was kind of weird that you had to do all this digging to get to the knob, especially for something that you would use pretty frequently in the spring and summer months. It just seemed like a lot of work to get to it. And it was so deep in the ground and at an awkward angle that maybe there was some sort of tool you used to turn it on. Well we tried to turn it ourselves and the thing would just not move. We had my dad look at it and he couldn't move it either and he thought it might be the main line for the irrigation system and that there was possibly another knob somewhere else that turned the sprinklers on. 

So we email the previous owners again to ask if they had used to system recently and if there was a tool to turn the knob. They said they used the system last summer with no issues and that there was no tool to turn it. She also mentioned that she thought the knob was blue and not red. I thought "hmmm...that's interesting. Maybe her husband used it more often and she is mistaken about the color". We go back out and dig the hole up again and try to turn it some more...nothing, nada, zilch...until...Josh pops the red knob off. Although the knob popped off, we still didn't think anything had turned. We thought the knob was probably old and just needed to be replaced. We call it quits again and when we go back inside, Josh goes to wash his hands and...you guessed it...NO WATER. What was labeled as "Irrigation Control" was actually THE EMERGENCY SHUT OFF FOR THE HOUSE. So here we are, no water and a broken knob. Josh goes back out with his plyers and wrenches and everything else under the sun and this pipe is just not moving. My dad is on his way to see if he can help and finally, we hear a swoosh and the knob turns a bit. I run inside and praise the Lord, we have water! Except the pressure isn't all the way there...meaning we need to keep turning the knob. So that we do and our pressure comes back...but guess what also happens? WATER STARTS SQUIRTING FROM THE PIPE...because...drum roll please...it is busted. Wahoo for busted pipes!!!....not so much. So, we run in the house, fill up a bunch of cups and bowls with water, shower really quickly and then have to turn the water back off so that our yard isn't flooding in the morning. 

Apparently, there must be TWO holes in the ground with green plastic covers...nice to know that now. And if I had to guess, it's very possible that the covers got switched and the one with the sprinkler control could very well have an "Emergency Control" label on the top. BUT, we still have no idea where the sprinkler control...because I assure you, it is not under the master bedroom window...AND if it is...we truly have no idea where. But I can tell you where the emergency shut off is...sigh! 

Dad is coming over today to help us fix it...apparently it's a pretty easy thing to fix one you get it dug up and all that jazz. I am PRAYING that it truly is an easy fix and that nothing else breaks, pops off, or spews while they are trying to fix it. 

I mean really, "it's under the master bedroom window, with a green plastic cover..." We truly followed instructions to a tee...and ended up breaking our whole water system. How does that happen?! We at the Colvin casa have been on one crazy ride this first year of marriage...and we have 4 more months to go! Bless our souls. I told Josh that I hoped our second year is a bit more...shall we say, peaceful? Uneventful? 

I mean COME ON! 

So there you go, another story to add to our book of madness. And I hope you had running water this morning :) 

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