Someone AWESOME is coming to Columbia today

YOU GUYS! Today is the day!!! The day for what, you're probably asking yourself. 


Goodness gracious, I am so excited! She is coming to speak at a local venue that happens to be right down from my house! She is going to be speaking on branding and the heart of Southern Weddings. Now, I'm pretty new to the Southern Weddings/Lara Casey bandwagon. I heard a lot about her at the beginning of the year when bloggers were doing her powersheets and probably a little more than a month ago I started following along with her and with Southern Weddings. I am so, so glad that I did. From what I gather from her instagram and blog posts is that she is so passionate about life in general and about OTHERS! It's so refreshing, really. I joined in last week to a live web session she did and just listening to her speak and taking notes on how to "start where you are" and doing things to get them done, but not to be perfect every time was so enlightening. Southern Weddings is now a site I visit daily and to see the love and passion they pour into that site and magazine is awesome! You can't help but see how much she and her staff love what they do, it's infectious. 

I can't wait to hear her speak tonight and you can bet that I'll have notebook in hand ready to write down pratically everything that comes from her mouth. My mom is going with me and I'm excited to share this experience with her! 

If you're a huge fan of Lara, you can find her listing on speaking arrangements on her blog. Maybe she is coming to a city near you soon! 

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