Restart or Fast Forward

I can't decide if I'd like a restart button for 2014 or a fast forward button to get this year behind me. It hasn't been a horrible year but certainly a challenging one. Yesterday, my uncle passed away and that makes the fourth death I've had in or around my family this year. And we're barely into May. I should note that before this year I have not have to deal with death or attending funerals, which I am immensely thankful for and I must admit that I have been dreading when the time came that I knew it was inevitable that I would have to answer phone calls letting me know someone had passed away or sitting in a church pew attending funeral services. 

One person passed away due to cancer, one from old age and long time sickness and two were very freak accidents. It's those that shake me, those are the ones that you are so completely unprepared for. 

All of this to say that little things that have gone wrong this year, like having our lawn mower stolen, seem so small in the big scheme of the deaths that have surrounded us this first part of the year. A co-worker reminded me today that it's when you're living right and right with God that the devil strikes harder and faster than ever, over and over and over again. Another sweet friend reminded me that God is using this time to prepare me for something spectacular waiting around the corner. 

My heart is aching today, that my aunt had to wake up this morning without my uncle. My mom was at her house last night and all my aunt could talk about was their daily routines, having their coffee in the mornings, etc. And my heart truly broke when my mom was telling me on the phone. My mind immediately went to my daily routines with Josh and how I would be so lost if I didn't wake up next to him each morning and go about our day together. Goodness my heart hurts so bad thinking about that. 

Would you say a prayer for my family today? My papa lost his only sibling and last living relative (besides us!) yesterday and he is very, very sad...as you can imagine. Life is hard y'all, it really is. But as much as life is hard, God is so good and triumphs over those hard days every single time. Pain is shadowing my family this day and probably will for awhile...but peace, healing of hearts and comfort is to come. That I know. Our God won't leave us hanging, it was time for Uncle Bob to go home and he is sitting next to Jesus looking down as I type this. He's in a much better place than we are, that is for sure. Glory to you God, that we have a place in heaven waiting for us when you call us home. This world is not the end. 

He joined Sarah yesterday, Uncle Charles, and Ms. Baine. I hope they are all celebrating together. 

In the midst of sadness, I wish you a happy Wednesday friend! 


  1. My heart aches for you and your family, sweet friend. This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry that you have been through this, but it's so wonderful your faith and trust have kept you grounded. You're exactly right. God is good. Period. His plan is for the betterment of His Kingdom and He is at work. We might not be able to understand His perfect plan yet -- or we may never in this Earthly life. But we have His promises to keep us going :) Lots of love to you and your family, my sweet friend. Definitely praying :)


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