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Well, we got to see Lara Casey last night y'all! It was everything I thought it would be and more! The event was held at a new wedding venue in town, Stone River. The venue is beautiful and overlooks the river and right into downtown Columbia. Such an ideal location for weddings, I think this may be one of the up and coming best spots in town for weddings. Maybe someone I know will get married there in the future ;)

The event was put on by a number of wedding professionals in the area and I thought it all came together very well. The music, food and drinks were great. Not the mention the beautiful flowers, great table set ups and gorgeous (& delicious!) dessert area. A huge thank you to the vendors that made last night possible!

I have to tell you, I was a nervous wreck walking into the event. My mom went with me and praise the Lord for her! I think I was so nervous because I wasn't sure if the room was going to be filled with wedding professionals from the area that all new each other and I was going to be like the new kid at school. Although there were a lot of wedding pros there and I'm sure quite a few people knew each other, it was a very welcoming and warm environment and there were plenty of people there that didn't own businesses and just loved Lara Casey and were excited to have the opportunity to see her.

As I was getting ready this morning and thinking about last night, I realized that I didn't take many pictures and I really wish I would have taken my good camera to capture the essence of the event. Sigh...maybe next time!

As any good attendee should do, I took notes like a mad woman while she spoke. Goodness y'all, she is SO inspiring. She fires you up.

One question that she asked that really struck a cord with me is "You didn't come here to stay the same, did you?" BAM. Right in your face and you immediately had to be honest with yourself about why you were there and what dreams you have that you need to jump start. She also spoke a lot on finding your core and what your mission is. It's so important to know how you are and what you love and what you want to do.

She also asked us where we wanted to be when we're 80. And how do you back fill your life, until you're 80. For me, that's a lot to think about but also gives me joy and hope. It's such a reminder that I'm young and have SO MUCH life ahead of me and if I seize the opportunities that come my way, follow my heart, follow my calling and go where the Lord wants me to...I can back fill my life with some really wonderful things, and I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty darn good to me.

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I want to really explore what is at my core, what my mission is and what I want to do with my life. I've got a lot of living to do and I don't ever, ever want to waste that time. I love what Lara has said time and time again "You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them." Yes. Just yes.Why not do the things you've always wanted to? What is standing in the way? I know for me, fear cripples me sometimes. But how stupid is fear. Fear stands in front of all of us time and time again and I just want to knock it and step right on it. Lara said, failure gets your farther than fear. And how spot on is she with that? Failure is bound to grace all of us at some point, but it can be such a learning experience and failure doesn't always have to carry a negative connotation. Fear however, will never allow you to fail...or succeed, because you'll never try. And that makes me sad, things passing me by out of my fear of trying or exploring something new makes me really sad. Last night Lara said, get out there. I wrote it at the top of my page, put a hundred exclamation parts behind it and put a bubble around it. I am longing to get out there and live! Find what I'm passionate about it and do what fuels me. Life is meant to be lived and fulfilled. I'm ready to live. I'm ready to be fired up and I'm ready to GET OUT THERE!

How about you, friend? What fires you up, what is at your core, what is your mission? I encourage you to really think and pray on those things. We've all got opportunities to seize and cherish and just like I don't want those to pass me by, I don't want them to pass you by either. People that love what they do and love the way they are living are infectious and it makes my heart giddy to think that people could see me in that way.

Mom and I got to meet Lara last night and she was as sweet, humble and personable as you'd imagine. Of course, we only got to chat with her for a few minutes but when you're speaking with her, she pays attention to your conversations as if you were the only ones in the room. She asks you questions about yourself and encouragement literally oozes from her. She is a special, special gal. That is undeniable.

Lara, thank you for coming to Columbia last night. You inspired me in so many ways. I'm sure you hear this time and time again, but what you have is a gift from the Lord. The ease of the way you speak, the love for your brand, your love for the South and especially your love for relationships. You're such a role model and the way you carry yourself in a confident, humble manner is beautiful. I'm so thankful that you made the trip to sweet South Carolina last night and that I put my nerves in my back pocket and walked through the doors of Stone River.

If you ever have the chance to see her speak, GO. I hope and pray that I get to attend her Making Things Happen conference in the near future!

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  1. Lindsay! God is so good. I'm so grateful for this amazing encouragement and that we were able to spend time together! Your mama was so sweet to come too : ) So much love to you both!


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