Colvin Juice Bar: Open for Business

If you scrolled through instagram this morning, you would have seen that Josh and I had our first (together/at home) juicing experience. With the way Josh has been feeling lately, his mom bought us a juicer so that we could be on the up and up with our health. Thanks Julie and Keith! she gave it to us when we were at her house on Sunday for Mothers Day. 

Here's our juicing schedule (minus this week because we got thrown off yesterday morning because, you guessed it, no water!): 
-Tuesday mornings
-Thursday evenings before dinner
-Saturday mornings 

We are starting out with 3 times a week because it's best to ease into juicing and not shock your body by doing it everyday. I should also note that after we've been juicing awhile we will still probably hover around 3-4 times a week. We have between 6-8 oz for each of us with each juice. It's best to juice on an empty stomach so your body can absorb all of the goodness, hence in the mornings before breakfast and before dinner in the evenings. 

After reading only one article about juicing, I noticed that some people were up in arms about the leftovers of the fruits and veggies and that juicing seemed wasteful. We are using our leftovers as a compost pile and put them around our trees, shrubs and in our flower beds. I read that a lot of people do that and that is what my mother-in-law suggested we do with ours. So, since we're putting it back into the ground and using it to enhance our soil, I don't feel bad about the "extra stuff" that some people seem to be weary of. I also read that a lot of people didn't like how many parts there are to a juicer and that it took a long time to clean. There are about 5 parts to it, but ours is extremely easy to take apart and put back together and clean up this morning was maybe 7 minutes, which I didn't think was bad at all. It's easy to clean and if you do it right after you juice it really doesn't take much time. 

We plan on experimenting with different combinations of fruits and veggies but I can pretty much bet that our go-to is going to consist of : 
-1/2 beet
-2 handfuls of spinach 
-1 apple
- 6 to 7 carrots 
- 1 orange 

Above is the combination we did this morning. It actually tastes very good, except I have to admit that the beet does give it a little bit of a dirt tasting factor. If you feel like you you can't handle that taste, just don't use it and you'll really only taste the orange with a hint of carrot, it's not bad at all! We had kale chips the other night and HATED them. Truly hated them. But we may give them a go in the juicer, because I know kale is wonderful for you. 

There's been a big push in our house lately, by both Josh and I, to eat better and cut out some of the processed foods that we may normally eat. We're not going cold turkey on anything, nor are we getting super crazy. However, I am making much more things from scratch and we are really loading up on our veggies with our meals at night...and now with juicing too! I am excited and anxious to see how juicing makes me feel overall and when/if I'll be able to tell a difference in my energy, how I feel overall, and my skin/hair/nails. I kid you not, since my MIL has been juicing her hair looks fabulous! She has very thin and fine hair but it has gained so much volume and oomph. Also, juicing is thought to keep you looking young...for a long time haha! I don't exactly have that to worry about right now, but why not start early?!

Do any of you juice? Have any recipes that we should try? Would love to hear! 

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