I Want to Smell Like a Pickle

Coming at you today with a Murphy moment that took place last night. Let's be honest, Murphy moments take place every day, numerous times a day, but just don't always get documented.
Last night I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business and eating a pickle. Then here comes Murph man pouncing into my lap, getting right in my face like "hey mom, what's that? can I have some? that looks yummy". I literally gave him the TINIEST piece  and he hopped down from the couch as happy as could be and started examining his tiny piece of pickle. Next thing you know, he is literally wallowing on the floor on top of the pickle. As if he was doing everything in his power to get the smell of the pickle onto him. He'd put his face on it, his behind on it, his whole body. It had to have been one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. He'd get up and rearrange the pickle and then do it all again.
Well, he got a little carried away and started rubbing his body on the coffee table. Walking up and down each side of the coffee table and rubbing as he went. Josh said "Murph, watch out buddy, you're going to knock the table over" and not a minute later...there goes the coffee table...tray, fresh flowers, magazine, LIT CANDLE and all. What a mess. Scared the daylights out of Josh and I and if were being honest, Murphy too. Thank goodness the candle landed completely upside down and the flame went out. Wax went EVERYWHERE and the water from the vase landing on the wax made it dry immediately. Which in return made a mess to clean up. All but a little bit of wax landed on the hardwood floors and we didn't have much to clean off of the rug, thank goodness. Murphy walked around the rest of the night with the saddest little eyes, it was quite cute and very obvious that he was aware of the huge mess he had just made.
When Josh and I were cleaning up the candle he said "I bet this is the most stress this stress-free candle has ever caused!" We just happened to be burning Bath & Body Works Stress candle, haha!...so now the whole house truly smells like eucalyptus and mint.
So there you go, a Murphy moment for this Wednesday. That little puppy dog keeps us on our toes and I truly wouldn't have it any other way. And a few cute Murphy pictures to send you off on a happy note :)

Oh, don't mind me Mom. Just looking for my breakfast while I stand IN the refrigerator.

What guest bedroom? This is Murphy's bedroom, can't you see?

Can we change the channel mom?

That popcorn looks delicious mom, mind if I have a piece? (He then proceeds to stick his WHOLE HEAD in the bowl)

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  1. Bahaha have to love dogs. Glad things didn't catch on fire!!


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