Hey mail man! I appreciate you!

On Monday Josh and I left a little note for our mail carrier...who we now know is our mail man, Wesley! Our note just thanked him for his service and let him know that he appreciated him and tucked a few treats inside for him to enjoy :)
I told Josh "I really hope we get a letter back so we'll know he got it!" and what do you know, we came home yesterday to find a note back from our mail man! This is one of the first times that I've done any pass it on type thing but I've gotta tell ya, it feels good! I was so hoping that when Wesley opened our mail box on Monday and saw a letter for HIM that he would be encouraged and his day would be brightened just a little bit. I know that I personally love words of encouragement and think it's safe to assume that others do too! It only took a little time out of my day to make time for someone else.

I'm a firm believer in praising people for their jobs no matter what it is...President of the United States, doctor, trash man, custodian, attorney, mail man, assistant, teacher, you name it...I think it's important. Why? Because we need all of these jobs to make the world go round and not one job is less important than the other and everyone...EVERYONE should be praised for good work.
Being selfish with time, money, and resources is something that I am embarrassed to admit, I have fallen to one too many times. But, my husband is a giver by nature and I think he is starting to rub off on me and I'm so thankful for that!
So here's the beginning of us passing it on and paying it forward for many more years to come.

Thanks for being a great mail man, Wesley!


  1. I love this, Lindsay!! So sweet, and definitely inspiring me to think on who in my everyday life I can reach out to!


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