Griffyn's Bridal Shower

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of helping to throw a bridal shower for one of the sweetest people on the planet, Miss Griffyn...who is just 3 weeks away from being a MRS!
We had her shower at a cute little place in town called Café Strudel. For dinner we had shrimp and grits and they were to die for. I could probably eat shrimp and grits for every meal if we're being honest. We kept the decorations pretty simple since it's sometimes hard to decorate a space that you haven't been in many times before but I think everything turned out wonderfully and she got some really great gifts. So much stuff for her new kitchen! Which is beautiful by the way, her and her fiancé just bought a new house!

The lighting was a bit tough to work with photography wise but I think we captured the essence of the day pretty well in some pictures for sweet Griffyn to keep forever and ever.

 photo 343_zpse8e745c7.jpg
I recruited my husband to draw that very nicely done diamond on the chalkboard. My drawing skills are...terrible.
 photo 330_zpsfb4f1bb9.jpg
I made little favors out of small pots with different flower seeds in each one with a ribbon tied around it and a label that said "Let Love Grow". I was very pleased with how they turned out and hope everyone went home and planted themselves cute little flowers!
 photo 341_zps804989dc.jpg
 photo 342_zps9a69c5be.jpg  photo 331_zpsaca7a5c8.jpg  photo 333_zpsa2570f0c.jpg  photo 334_zps3ce6979e.jpg  photo 344_zps28606ee3.jpg
I had the Boyd sign and canvas made for her as gifts but they were too pretty to wrap and worked great as décor. As always, I used Fabness for the canvas and my expectations were exceeded with the way it turned out and I ordered the Boyd wooden sign on jane.com from one of their vendors and think it would look so pretty in a wreath!
 photo 364_zpsf53ceaac.jpg  photo 369_zpsaa731a58.jpg  photo 353_zps2e45bf66.jpg  photo 349_zps7df6a25a.jpg  photo 375_zps666190bb.jpg  photo 413_zps293154c3.jpg  photo 428_zps5e6bf6e1.jpg  photo 412_zps510c63d9.jpg  photo 404_zps05d4f874.jpg  photo 430_zpsc1c144a3.jpg

We love you so much, Griff! I hope that this shower was all you wanted and more!

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