Easter 2014

Celebrating holidays for the first time as married people really makes my heart sing. It brings my so much happiness and Easter was no exception. We got up before the sun on Sunday morning and headed to the sunrise service at church. It was a wonderful service with delicious breakfast served afterwards. We headed home and then parked it at our kitchen table. I brewed a hot cup of coffee and sat down at the table and soaked in the words that were pouring off of the Bible as Josh read Jesus' resurrection story. He prayed afterwards and I had all intentions of rounding out our prayer time but when he squeezed my hand indicating my turn to pray...I just said "amen" because his prayer was so beautiful and took the words right from my lips.
Then we headed back to sit in our bed for a few minutes of quiet before we started getting ready for church. We opened our bedroom blinds just a touch and sat underneath the covers sipping on coffee while Murphy tried as hard as he could to snag a few sips. Once we got up and ready we headed on to church, took our annual Easter pictures in front of the cross and after service we went to mom and dads house. My Easter treats turned out really well and I think everyone enjoyed them!

Mom and Dad made Josh and I a killer Easter basket and had the cutest giraffe tucked inside for Murphy. This is the first year that Josh and I haven't given Easter baskets to each other but he did gift me a new Camelbak water bottle because a certain puppy dog ate my last one... And I gave him some new golf balls.

 photo 024_zpsb49b2893.jpg
 photo 025_zpse4617588.jpg
 photo 027_zpsf4043b75.jpg
 photo 028_zps57245ef2.jpg

Let's all take a moment to laugh at how some of my eggs turned out...hahaha!

Sunday lunch was delicious and there was some precious time spent with our family. Slow Sundays and conversation over good food with your family are so good for the soul. 


I Never Imagined my Happy Place Would be...

 photo 021_zpsea12d567.jpg
This picture is from around Halloween, hence the pumpkins, and our kitchen has changed a bit since then, but this is the jist of where I spend a lot of time :)
I truly never imagined that I'd be sitting here today telling you that I have found my happy place...in my kitchen! Let me begin by saying that my mom cooked dinner every night growing up but it wasn't something that she particularly loved and enjoyed. However, both of my Granny's like to cook, more so when they were younger and maneuvering around the kitchen was a bit easier but nevertheless, they enjoy cooking and I think they've passed it on to me! One of my Granny's LOVES that I love to cook and she is always giving me new recipes, magazines, cook books, and things to use in my kitchen. I love that!
I could spend hours in my kitchen slicing, chopping, marinating, baking, cooking, whisking, mixing, the whole nine yards. I love it. I am giddy when I find a new recipe to try and I must admit that each night that I've attempted something new, I say quite a few prayers before I sit it down on the table for us to eat, hoping it is as delicious as I'm expecting it to be. And although I know the day will come when I'm not so fond of something I've made, or the recipe just didn't turn out the right way, so far everything I've tried has been to my expectations or beyond and that makes me so happy!
I've been doing my best to buy fresh ingredients lately and make what I can from scratch. I want to fill my body and my husbands with good, quality food and even though it takes me a little longer in the kitchen each night, I enjoy every extra minute that I'm in there.
Recently I have made four things that I definitely think you should try out in your kitchen, if these are dishes that you like! I've made a homemade chicken alfredo dish, homemade salsa, a pretty exact replica of Chipotle's chicken burrito bowl and baked red potatoes in rosemary and olive oil. Personally, I enjoy pursuing Pinterest for my recipes. I have a few cookbooks but haven't taken the time yet to dig through those and see what I like. I have to tell you that the alfredo dish blew me away. When I was mixing everything together I was thinking there was no way Josh and I were going to enjoy this dish and it's one of Josh's favorite meals and I really didn't want to ruin it for him but I have to tell you, he took the first bite and said "This is great!" and that says a lot coming from a man who loves his chicken alfredo and is quite picky over it! Definitely a winning recipe in our household. Josh also loves Chipotle's bowls and just like the chicken alfredo dish, he really enjoyed the chicken buritto bowl I made. I'll even go as far as to say I think they were as good as, if not better than Chipotle's! The salsa recipe is from Pinoeer Woman and is spectacular, better than the mexican restaurants and so easy to whip up! We also liked the above recipe for baked red potatoes and paired them with chicken, crescent rolls, and green beans one night.

I have some cute, and possibly tricky, creations up my sleeve for Easter. My parents are hosting dinner and we're bringing the deviled eggs, chocolate covered strawberries and the dessert. Saturday afternoon and evening will be spent in my kitchen...I don't hate it! I'll be sure to report back on how everything turns out! 


I Want to Smell Like a Pickle

Coming at you today with a Murphy moment that took place last night. Let's be honest, Murphy moments take place every day, numerous times a day, but just don't always get documented.
Last night I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business and eating a pickle. Then here comes Murph man pouncing into my lap, getting right in my face like "hey mom, what's that? can I have some? that looks yummy". I literally gave him the TINIEST piece  and he hopped down from the couch as happy as could be and started examining his tiny piece of pickle. Next thing you know, he is literally wallowing on the floor on top of the pickle. As if he was doing everything in his power to get the smell of the pickle onto him. He'd put his face on it, his behind on it, his whole body. It had to have been one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. He'd get up and rearrange the pickle and then do it all again.
Well, he got a little carried away and started rubbing his body on the coffee table. Walking up and down each side of the coffee table and rubbing as he went. Josh said "Murph, watch out buddy, you're going to knock the table over" and not a minute later...there goes the coffee table...tray, fresh flowers, magazine, LIT CANDLE and all. What a mess. Scared the daylights out of Josh and I and if were being honest, Murphy too. Thank goodness the candle landed completely upside down and the flame went out. Wax went EVERYWHERE and the water from the vase landing on the wax made it dry immediately. Which in return made a mess to clean up. All but a little bit of wax landed on the hardwood floors and we didn't have much to clean off of the rug, thank goodness. Murphy walked around the rest of the night with the saddest little eyes, it was quite cute and very obvious that he was aware of the huge mess he had just made.
When Josh and I were cleaning up the candle he said "I bet this is the most stress this stress-free candle has ever caused!" We just happened to be burning Bath & Body Works Stress candle, haha!...so now the whole house truly smells like eucalyptus and mint.
So there you go, a Murphy moment for this Wednesday. That little puppy dog keeps us on our toes and I truly wouldn't have it any other way. And a few cute Murphy pictures to send you off on a happy note :)

Oh, don't mind me Mom. Just looking for my breakfast while I stand IN the refrigerator.

What guest bedroom? This is Murphy's bedroom, can't you see?

Can we change the channel mom?

That popcorn looks delicious mom, mind if I have a piece? (He then proceeds to stick his WHOLE HEAD in the bowl)


Griffyn's Bridal Shower

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of helping to throw a bridal shower for one of the sweetest people on the planet, Miss Griffyn...who is just 3 weeks away from being a MRS!
We had her shower at a cute little place in town called Café Strudel. For dinner we had shrimp and grits and they were to die for. I could probably eat shrimp and grits for every meal if we're being honest. We kept the decorations pretty simple since it's sometimes hard to decorate a space that you haven't been in many times before but I think everything turned out wonderfully and she got some really great gifts. So much stuff for her new kitchen! Which is beautiful by the way, her and her fiancé just bought a new house!

The lighting was a bit tough to work with photography wise but I think we captured the essence of the day pretty well in some pictures for sweet Griffyn to keep forever and ever.

 photo 343_zpse8e745c7.jpg
I recruited my husband to draw that very nicely done diamond on the chalkboard. My drawing skills are...terrible.
 photo 330_zpsfb4f1bb9.jpg
I made little favors out of small pots with different flower seeds in each one with a ribbon tied around it and a label that said "Let Love Grow". I was very pleased with how they turned out and hope everyone went home and planted themselves cute little flowers!
 photo 341_zps804989dc.jpg
 photo 342_zps9a69c5be.jpg  photo 331_zpsaca7a5c8.jpg  photo 333_zpsa2570f0c.jpg  photo 334_zps3ce6979e.jpg  photo 344_zps28606ee3.jpg
I had the Boyd sign and canvas made for her as gifts but they were too pretty to wrap and worked great as décor. As always, I used Fabness for the canvas and my expectations were exceeded with the way it turned out and I ordered the Boyd wooden sign on jane.com from one of their vendors and think it would look so pretty in a wreath!
 photo 364_zpsf53ceaac.jpg  photo 369_zpsaa731a58.jpg  photo 353_zps2e45bf66.jpg  photo 349_zps7df6a25a.jpg  photo 375_zps666190bb.jpg  photo 413_zps293154c3.jpg  photo 428_zps5e6bf6e1.jpg  photo 412_zps510c63d9.jpg  photo 404_zps05d4f874.jpg  photo 430_zpsc1c144a3.jpg

We love you so much, Griff! I hope that this shower was all you wanted and more!


Hey mail man! I appreciate you!

On Monday Josh and I left a little note for our mail carrier...who we now know is our mail man, Wesley! Our note just thanked him for his service and let him know that he appreciated him and tucked a few treats inside for him to enjoy :)
I told Josh "I really hope we get a letter back so we'll know he got it!" and what do you know, we came home yesterday to find a note back from our mail man! This is one of the first times that I've done any pass it on type thing but I've gotta tell ya, it feels good! I was so hoping that when Wesley opened our mail box on Monday and saw a letter for HIM that he would be encouraged and his day would be brightened just a little bit. I know that I personally love words of encouragement and think it's safe to assume that others do too! It only took a little time out of my day to make time for someone else.

I'm a firm believer in praising people for their jobs no matter what it is...President of the United States, doctor, trash man, custodian, attorney, mail man, assistant, teacher, you name it...I think it's important. Why? Because we need all of these jobs to make the world go round and not one job is less important than the other and everyone...EVERYONE should be praised for good work.
Being selfish with time, money, and resources is something that I am embarrassed to admit, I have fallen to one too many times. But, my husband is a giver by nature and I think he is starting to rub off on me and I'm so thankful for that!
So here's the beginning of us passing it on and paying it forward for many more years to come.

Thanks for being a great mail man, Wesley!


Fridays are for happies!

Happy happy, joy joy, it's FRIDAY! I'm especially excited for this Friday because tomorrow I get to help host my best friend (and MOH in my wedding) bridal shower!! I can't wait to shower her with love and presents...she is getting married one month from yesterday!


In honor of Griffyn's shower, it takes the numero uno on my high five for Friday list today! I've been working on special touches for her shower all this week and I can't wait to see it come together tomorrow to celebrate one of the sweetest people in the whole entire world!
2 weeks from today is Good Friday which means a day off of work (PRAISE!) and Josh and I will be heading to Hilton Head Island for the day to enjoy the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament. I'm looking forward to being at the beach and enjoying some (hopefully) beautiful weather! I'm also hoping to bride Josh into dinner at the Salty Dog Café...it will be like our honeymoon all over again :)
For the past 2 months or so, Josh and I have been leisurely scouring the internet for possible vacation spots for this summer. We'd like to go in September, close to our one year anniversary even, and we've thrown around the idea of Savannah because Josh hasn't been before and he LOVES history and I just know Savannah would be right up his alley but yesterday I came across a Groupon Getaway for the cutest place in New Smyrna Beach, FL. It has AWESOME reviews, the Groupon is a steal of a deal and it's a place neither of us have been before. I'm thinking that just may be our destination for this year. We can always do an extended weekend to Savannah because it's not far from us!

Is that place cute or what?! Have any of you been to New Smyrna Beach before? If so, please share! All the information I've found about it says that it's not very touristy and is a quaint, almost artsy town, which sounds so fun! I get tired of tourist filled places all the time. The hotel also gives you free bike rentals so you can easily get around town without having to drive, I like it!
 Today is Josh's LAST DAY of studying for his Series licensing test at work! I am so very proud of how hard he has been studying and working and on Monday he takes his HUGE test! I've been praying over him and this test from the day I found out he had to take it. I'd love if you'd send some prayers up for him too! It's a LOT of information but I am so confident in his abilities!

This week Josh has been incredible encouraging and uplifting with his words and notes to me. I'm so thankful for a husband that never tears me down, only builds me up and lets me be creative and encourages me to follow whatever dreams I have for myself.

I hope you have one fabulous weekend friend!


Near and Dear to my Heart

Good Tuesday morning, friends! Hubs and I were a bit groggy this morning because a certain little puppy dog...not naming any names...MURPHY...decided that last night was going to be Bark Fest 2014 and barked that cute little head of his off for far too long. Then, once he got wrangled inside it was crazy town USA. But those sweet puppy eyes and kisses he gave us this morning because he knew he was in trouble was enough to make it all better :) That dog gets away with EVERYTHING.
Next weekend I have the true honor of being able to head north to Asbury Hills and be the speaker for my sorority's Spring Retreat. I am so excited to see everyone and worship with a group of woman that I hold so near and dear to my heart. The jitters are starting to set in a little bit but I am pumped to see what the Lord is going to do next weekend. This is my first time being the main speaker for any sort of retreat or conference and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous...I just want everything to perfect! And most importantly, I want the Lord to move in such a way that lives are changed and molded. That being said, I feel a lot of pressure (brought on only by own thoughts) to really deliver a message that is thought provoking for the girls. I want to remove myself and let the Lord flow through me.
I would sure love and appreciate any prayers you'd lift up for me throughout this week and next as I prepare and then next weekend as I deliver the message. I'm still working on tweaking my message and I feel like there are 100 topics that I could speak on, alas, I don't have that much time and they probably don't want to listen to me for that long ;) So, I think I've picked a topic that will encompass everyone and I pray that when they leave the Retreat that will feel like bold and confident women of Christ.
I can't wait to share all about the weekend once it's upon us!
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