WOAH. Six months!

Oh hey there Friday. Oh HEY THERE six stinking awesome months of marriage.

Goodness you guys...I've been married for SIXmonths!! And you know, it feels like I've been married for a MILLION months...and I love that. I love being married. It truly feels like Josh and I have been doing this marriage biz forever now...but then there are those moments (which occur pretty often) that I look right and him and say "Can you believe it?! We're married! Like ma-ARRIED people. You and me. I'm a Colvin" and he just looks back and says "Yes babe, you sure are."

Ah, gives me chills. Y'all, marriage is so much fun.  Sure, I've slipped up and not been the best wife at times but that doesn't take away from this incredibl journey that I get to wake up to each day and do over and over again.

I have a husband. That is just unreal to me! I just love that man.

I love that we share a home together. I love that we work hard everyday and bring our paychecks home and put our dollars into the same pot. I adore the conversations that take place inside our home and especially the ones that take place when we're riding in the car. Josh and I have shared SO MUCH of our hearts when riding in the car. When my home is filled with sweet tunes coming down the hall from Josh's piano playing, I just turn the tv off and listen to the music. I've got a talented husband you guys. I love that every time I yell "BAAAABE" from the shower, he comes down the hall and hands me my towel I'm sure to have forgotten. I love coming home from Bible study and opening my Bible to tell him about the new things I've learned and I love when I have something big/important/nerve wrecking coming up, the morning-of he rolls over in bed and prayers of whatever it may be.

I woke up this morning and immediately glanced at the wall over our bed where a huge wedding canvas hangs and my heart just sang. I was so happy on our wedding day and believe it or not, I'm even happier now! Life is so much fun when you have someone to share it with. Your hopes and dreams, your fears and realities.

I pray that our marriage continues to thrive and in the times when it doesn't, I pray we are proactive and fix it so that we can continue to glorify God and the beautiful institute of marriage that He has so graciously allowed us to enter into. In the times when this marriage seems all about us, I have to remember that it's not. It's about God and His love for us and for the church.

Our dance party started six months ago and is still going strong.

Mr. Colvin, you're the light of my life and I love you more than you will ever, ever know. I'm still swept off my feet by you day in and day out and when times are tough, you never falter and are my stronghold. You make this whole life business preeeeetty awesome and I couldn't be more thankful for you.


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