Peaks and Valleys, my friends & A Wanted Ad: LOST LAWNMOWER

Happy Wednesday pretties! Josh and I woke up late this morning, threw ourselves together and jetted out of the door, praising the Lord that it is Wednesday and we're on the downhill stretch of this week.

We may have woken up late this morning due to the fact that when we got home yesterday evening our back gate was open and what do you know...someone stole our lawnmower! I am going to refrain from repeating and rethinking a BUNCH of very ugly things that went through my head and came out of my mouth yesterday about whomever it is that did this. But it sucks, man.

And the day before that, our garbage disposal went out...and the fan above the stove. So..yay, right? (Who told me it was good idea to buy a house?! ha, kidding!)

Anyways, this isn't mean to be a post full of complaints, but yet one about Jesus. Our sermon last Sunday was about peaks and valleys. And ironically enough, Josh and I both had the thought of "wow, really seems like were at a peak right now...kinda of a bummer to think that a valley is coming at some point...hope it isn't soon". OH HEY THERE VALLEY. Yeesh.

So last night as I laid in bed, trying my best to get the ugly thoughts out of my head and praying to God that He would take away my anger. Take away the ugliness that was filling my heart about this person. I also asked him that He would grow my trust in this time. Trust that our lawnmower would be found. Trust that even though I feel violated because someone took our things and broke into our fence and storage house, that He is still protecting us, everyday.

Sure, we can go buy another lawnmower at some point. But as newlyweds, ya know, you don't just have tons of dollars sitting around to go throw at a new lawnmower when the one you had was BRAND NEW AND ONLY USED ONCE.

Then I also prayed that the Lord would restore my faith in humanity. Not that this once incident tore away all my faith...I am avid news watcher and reader...my faith in humanity gets slashed just about everyday. But that's not the way I should be. Sure there are some pretty terrible folks out there...but there are so many awesome ones, too, that try to make this world a better place day in and day out. And those are the people I should be focusing on and then praying for those people...that steal a brand new lawnmower from newlyweds from their new house and probably sold it to a pawn shop for money while I'm sitting at work doing my best to make some money.

I promise I'm not bitter...maybe.

So Lord, take my heart and help me to see the good in the world. Help me to wholeheartedly pray for the evil of this world that they would abandon their ways and turn to you. Help me to trust you that even when a valley appears, as my mother-in-law said "He makes all things for His good". Amen to that.

Oh and Lord? Could you help us find our lawnmower...please?


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