I Don't Bet More than a Dollar

This past weekend Josh and I headed back to his old stomping grounds for Steeplechase! I've only been once, four years ago and the weather was HORRID. Pouring rain the whole entire day and absolutely freezing. I am happy to report that this year the sun was shining and it wasn't a bit cold! I may have even gotten a little sunburnt. Which, as you can tell by the pictures below, may not be a bad thing because I am in need of some sun BAD. But with the never-ending winter, how's a girl supposed to get a little color?! Mother Nature, PLEASE BRING SPRING AND LET IT STAY FOR GOOD. I beg of you.

We had a great time catching up with old friends and seeing a few faces we hadn't seen in far too long. I think we even came out a dollar richer after our bets on the horses. We only bet a dollar for each race because we are p o o r. ha! My horse won a few times and so did Josh's. One jockey got thrown from their horse and the poor horse didn't know when to stop racing. I kid you not, it ran around the track and did the jumps until someone finally stopped it. That horse was determined, y'all!

Per usual, a few people at the races had a leeeeeeeeeetle too much fun on Saturday. When we were leaving we saw a girl laying down in the back of a truck and the GATE WAS OPEN. She seriously could have fallen out at any moment, I was nervous FOR her.

Thanks for a great weekend Steeplechase, I love any excuse to wear a floppy monogrammed hat and my Easter dress!

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