Coupon Queen, I am not

Earlier this week I posted this photo on instagram.
Josh and I were in need of replenishing our personal care products and I knew on Monday that we'd be making a trip a glorious trip to Wal Mart. Side note, are everyone's Wal Marts the most annoying place in the world like ours? I knew I wanted some good hair products this go round but per usual, didn't want to fork out tons 'o dollars. So, what better to do then start googling coupons for the things I wanted/needed. I ended up having the most success at coupons.com. It is SO EASY. I truly feel dumb for not coming to this website and printing off these coupons sooner. You just browse through everything and "clip" the ones you need. They hold them all until you're ready then they print them all out for you and wam bam thank you m'am, save yourself some money!
You can browse their website by looking through their categories, or if you know exactly what you need you can search the brand and voila! coupons appear. We saved $10.10 on all of this stuff and you talk about one proud lady?! I was beaming walking out of the store. I'm sure people thought I was nuts. I was far too excited to hand the lady my coupons and watch my total drop.
I truly don't think I will ever be an extreme couponer, but when it takes me maybe 3 minutes to print off coupons for the things I need, why not?!? And if couponing isn't your thing, use coupons.com because it is so easy, and then you can send me the dollars you save ;) I kid, I kid.

Really though, I will never turn down saving money. And this whole coupons.com thing is too easy to not do.

Now we can put these $10.10 towards our "replacing our lawnmower because a very mean person stole it out of our backyard" fund.

Oh, and it can go towards the $100 we forked out yesterday to pay a man to "unclog" our garbage disposal...we thought the motor was broken. $100 to UNCLOG the thing?! I am clearly in the wrong profession. Have I mentioned I love being a homeowner? ;)

In other news, Happy First Day of Spring! The longest Winter in the history of ever is finally behind us! I heard the birds singing this morning and wouldn't you know, THE SUN IS OUT TODAY. Glory, glory hallelujah! Now, let's convince these temperatures to stay well above 60 and we'll be rockin' and rollin'.

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