Colvin and Company

So, interestingly enough, a couple months ago I talked about my blog name (and design) and how I pondered changing it but felt like it was still a good fit so I sat on it for awhile.

I actually think Every Day Life still fits, however, now being married...and a little family forming in the distant future (check back in about 4 years for any baby announcements, ha!). It seemed fitting that Every Day Life morph into Colvin and Company.

Don't fret, the content of this little blog won't be changing. I'll still be chronically my everyday life along with my husband and pup.

Every Day Life has been the most important part of my blog journey thus far. It's where this all started and it's the name under which I poured out my heart in blog posts and really shared my life with you guys. I got engaged, graduated college, bought a house and got married under Every Day Life. Those are some pretty big life happenings if I do say so myself and I can pretty readily predict that some more big life happenings will take place and be journaled under Colvin and Company.

I hope that you'll continue to journey along with me. The names and faces will stay the same, Murphy will still grace the blog and Josh will be mentioned many of times...we'll all just be huddled under Colvin and Company now. I'm in the presence of some pretty great company if I do say so myself.

So kick back, relax and my hope is that you keep enjoying your time here. I love this space and I love that you keep coming back everyday.

Cheers to everyday life from Colvin and Company.

The only URL that has changed is the blog address, I'm now at www.colvinandcompanyblog.com. Everything under your Google Reader and BlogLovin' should update. My twitter and instagram names have stayed the same and the facebook page has been updated.

My new blog email address is colvinandcompanyblog@gmail.com

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