Spring has Sprung!

I got the last of our Easter decorations put up this weekend and I'm in love with the fun spring colors that are scattered around our house. I think it's finally going to warm up this week and I am stoked about it! The birds were singing on my way out of the door this morning and the sun was shining bright. I think it's even supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow...praise!!

 photo 014_zps0a6b6ccc.jpg
Per usual, my favorite stop for holiday d├ęcor is Kirklands. I swear that place can do no wrong, I love it. A quick note about the Spring banner on the mantle. I ordered it from jane.com and it is so cute...but IT'S HUGE. Like, massive. When it came in the mail I was like, wow this is big packaging for a banner and then I opened and it was like, wow this is a massive banner, haha! Every time Josh passes by it he yells "SPRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING!" that's how big the stinking thing is. But it's quite cute and is wearing on me and doesn't look at big any more...even though it really is huge.

 photo 002_zpsd96c6fc3.jpg
Murphy and this little bunny are HILARIOUS. When I first brought it home he couldn't decide if he was afraid of it or wanted to eat it. He's done pretty well to leave it alone for the for the most part and gives it a little sniff every now and again.
 photo 003_zpsb8b1eae2.jpg
 photo 005_zps78bf08a5.jpg  photo 009_zps87265ea7.jpg  photo 012_zps2e03be08.jpg  photo 007_zpsf7808ce2.jpg  photo 018_zps317de663.jpg  photo 019_zpsa93428bf.jpg  photo 020_zps5c3fd5fc.jpg
We've been working really hard in our front yard the past couple of weeks and I'm excited to show off some progress here once we've really wrapped it all up. The only downfall is that it keeps getting so cold at night my poor flowers are having a hard time surviving, I hope they're on the up and up soon!
 photo 017_zpsd87eb9f6.jpg
 photo 016_zpsfd67ab19.jpg
Carrot door hanger: Kirklands// Egg 'C' on front steps: Kirklands// Bunny: Kirklands// Bow on front door: Michaels// Blue cake plate in kitchen: Burkes
I'm currently trying to talk my husband into hosting Easter brunch at our house, it's perfectly decorated for it right?! And let's all pray that my pretty pink flowers in my planters come back. They were gorgeous when I bought them...now, not so much. Perk up little ones!


I Don't Bet More than a Dollar

This past weekend Josh and I headed back to his old stomping grounds for Steeplechase! I've only been once, four years ago and the weather was HORRID. Pouring rain the whole entire day and absolutely freezing. I am happy to report that this year the sun was shining and it wasn't a bit cold! I may have even gotten a little sunburnt. Which, as you can tell by the pictures below, may not be a bad thing because I am in need of some sun BAD. But with the never-ending winter, how's a girl supposed to get a little color?! Mother Nature, PLEASE BRING SPRING AND LET IT STAY FOR GOOD. I beg of you.

We had a great time catching up with old friends and seeing a few faces we hadn't seen in far too long. I think we even came out a dollar richer after our bets on the horses. We only bet a dollar for each race because we are p o o r. ha! My horse won a few times and so did Josh's. One jockey got thrown from their horse and the poor horse didn't know when to stop racing. I kid you not, it ran around the track and did the jumps until someone finally stopped it. That horse was determined, y'all!

Per usual, a few people at the races had a leeeeeeeeeetle too much fun on Saturday. When we were leaving we saw a girl laying down in the back of a truck and the GATE WAS OPEN. She seriously could have fallen out at any moment, I was nervous FOR her.

Thanks for a great weekend Steeplechase, I love any excuse to wear a floppy monogrammed hat and my Easter dress!


WOAH. Six months!

Oh hey there Friday. Oh HEY THERE six stinking awesome months of marriage.

Goodness you guys...I've been married for SIXmonths!! And you know, it feels like I've been married for a MILLION months...and I love that. I love being married. It truly feels like Josh and I have been doing this marriage biz forever now...but then there are those moments (which occur pretty often) that I look right and him and say "Can you believe it?! We're married! Like ma-ARRIED people. You and me. I'm a Colvin" and he just looks back and says "Yes babe, you sure are."

Ah, gives me chills. Y'all, marriage is so much fun.  Sure, I've slipped up and not been the best wife at times but that doesn't take away from this incredibl journey that I get to wake up to each day and do over and over again.

I have a husband. That is just unreal to me! I just love that man.

I love that we share a home together. I love that we work hard everyday and bring our paychecks home and put our dollars into the same pot. I adore the conversations that take place inside our home and especially the ones that take place when we're riding in the car. Josh and I have shared SO MUCH of our hearts when riding in the car. When my home is filled with sweet tunes coming down the hall from Josh's piano playing, I just turn the tv off and listen to the music. I've got a talented husband you guys. I love that every time I yell "BAAAABE" from the shower, he comes down the hall and hands me my towel I'm sure to have forgotten. I love coming home from Bible study and opening my Bible to tell him about the new things I've learned and I love when I have something big/important/nerve wrecking coming up, the morning-of he rolls over in bed and prayers of whatever it may be.

I woke up this morning and immediately glanced at the wall over our bed where a huge wedding canvas hangs and my heart just sang. I was so happy on our wedding day and believe it or not, I'm even happier now! Life is so much fun when you have someone to share it with. Your hopes and dreams, your fears and realities.

I pray that our marriage continues to thrive and in the times when it doesn't, I pray we are proactive and fix it so that we can continue to glorify God and the beautiful institute of marriage that He has so graciously allowed us to enter into. In the times when this marriage seems all about us, I have to remember that it's not. It's about God and His love for us and for the church.

Our dance party started six months ago and is still going strong.

Mr. Colvin, you're the light of my life and I love you more than you will ever, ever know. I'm still swept off my feet by you day in and day out and when times are tough, you never falter and are my stronghold. You make this whole life business preeeeetty awesome and I couldn't be more thankful for you.



Coupon Queen, I am not

Earlier this week I posted this photo on instagram.
Josh and I were in need of replenishing our personal care products and I knew on Monday that we'd be making a trip a glorious trip to Wal Mart. Side note, are everyone's Wal Marts the most annoying place in the world like ours? I knew I wanted some good hair products this go round but per usual, didn't want to fork out tons 'o dollars. So, what better to do then start googling coupons for the things I wanted/needed. I ended up having the most success at coupons.com. It is SO EASY. I truly feel dumb for not coming to this website and printing off these coupons sooner. You just browse through everything and "clip" the ones you need. They hold them all until you're ready then they print them all out for you and wam bam thank you m'am, save yourself some money!
You can browse their website by looking through their categories, or if you know exactly what you need you can search the brand and voila! coupons appear. We saved $10.10 on all of this stuff and you talk about one proud lady?! I was beaming walking out of the store. I'm sure people thought I was nuts. I was far too excited to hand the lady my coupons and watch my total drop.
I truly don't think I will ever be an extreme couponer, but when it takes me maybe 3 minutes to print off coupons for the things I need, why not?!? And if couponing isn't your thing, use coupons.com because it is so easy, and then you can send me the dollars you save ;) I kid, I kid.

Really though, I will never turn down saving money. And this whole coupons.com thing is too easy to not do.

Now we can put these $10.10 towards our "replacing our lawnmower because a very mean person stole it out of our backyard" fund.

Oh, and it can go towards the $100 we forked out yesterday to pay a man to "unclog" our garbage disposal...we thought the motor was broken. $100 to UNCLOG the thing?! I am clearly in the wrong profession. Have I mentioned I love being a homeowner? ;)

In other news, Happy First Day of Spring! The longest Winter in the history of ever is finally behind us! I heard the birds singing this morning and wouldn't you know, THE SUN IS OUT TODAY. Glory, glory hallelujah! Now, let's convince these temperatures to stay well above 60 and we'll be rockin' and rollin'.


Colvin and Company

So, interestingly enough, a couple months ago I talked about my blog name (and design) and how I pondered changing it but felt like it was still a good fit so I sat on it for awhile.

I actually think Every Day Life still fits, however, now being married...and a little family forming in the distant future (check back in about 4 years for any baby announcements, ha!). It seemed fitting that Every Day Life morph into Colvin and Company.

Don't fret, the content of this little blog won't be changing. I'll still be chronically my everyday life along with my husband and pup.

Every Day Life has been the most important part of my blog journey thus far. It's where this all started and it's the name under which I poured out my heart in blog posts and really shared my life with you guys. I got engaged, graduated college, bought a house and got married under Every Day Life. Those are some pretty big life happenings if I do say so myself and I can pretty readily predict that some more big life happenings will take place and be journaled under Colvin and Company.

I hope that you'll continue to journey along with me. The names and faces will stay the same, Murphy will still grace the blog and Josh will be mentioned many of times...we'll all just be huddled under Colvin and Company now. I'm in the presence of some pretty great company if I do say so myself.

So kick back, relax and my hope is that you keep enjoying your time here. I love this space and I love that you keep coming back everyday.

Cheers to everyday life from Colvin and Company.

The only URL that has changed is the blog address, I'm now at www.colvinandcompanyblog.com. Everything under your Google Reader and BlogLovin' should update. My twitter and instagram names have stayed the same and the facebook page has been updated.

My new blog email address is colvinandcompanyblog@gmail.com


Home Tour: Man Cave/Blogging Room

I think it's about time I pick up with our home tour again. I feel like each room is changing and evolving each day. But, I think we're right about at the point where each room is TOTALLY finished and goodness, that is a good feeling!

I know every time I tour a new room from our home I say that I  love it the best...well, I really do love this room a lot. I think I just need to start saying that I love our whole house a lot ;) This room is  what we call our man cave/blogging room. Literally, that's exactly how we refer to it.

 photo 019_zpse6e73cb4.jpg

Clearly you can see that the blogging part of the room is substantially smaller than the man cave part of the room, but look closely and you'll notice some chevron accents thrown in on the manly side. I am so pleased with how this room turned out!

 photo 008_zpse6f57fb5.jpg  

We hung pictures from our respective universities on the wall over the TV and pennants to match. On the far side of the room we found these tiny football pennants  at none other than Wal-Mart and it's all of the football teams from the SEC. Of course my husband had to separate them by East and West when hanging them up.

 photo 015_zps3ff3a2f0.jpg  photo 016_zps462c4e98.jpg  photo 010_zps3ed7bb8a.jpg

Since my magazines are all over the rest of the house, I made sure to display all of Josh's cartoons in this room.

 photo 014_zps5bd96479.jpg

I do most of our bills from our desk and it houses our envelopes, important paperwork, stamps, pens, etc. I just about died when we hung up that curtain from Target, I'm obsessed with that pattern right now. I found the little basket that matches it perfectly from Marshalls...it is housing all of our cards because my husband is a card HOARDER.

 photo 011_zpsa5965095.jpg
 photo 013_zps1e32a44e.jpg  photo 018_zpse04d4fff.jpg

And no man cave is complete without the beginning collection of Pez Heads and a Tiger Woods autograph, right? That kid with the bowl shaped haircut? My studly husband.

 photo 020_zps8abeb572.jpg

 Home ownership has proven to be quite a handful these past few weeks...BUT, I'm still so thankful for this little house of ours!


Peaks and Valleys, my friends & A Wanted Ad: LOST LAWNMOWER

Happy Wednesday pretties! Josh and I woke up late this morning, threw ourselves together and jetted out of the door, praising the Lord that it is Wednesday and we're on the downhill stretch of this week.

We may have woken up late this morning due to the fact that when we got home yesterday evening our back gate was open and what do you know...someone stole our lawnmower! I am going to refrain from repeating and rethinking a BUNCH of very ugly things that went through my head and came out of my mouth yesterday about whomever it is that did this. But it sucks, man.

And the day before that, our garbage disposal went out...and the fan above the stove. So..yay, right? (Who told me it was good idea to buy a house?! ha, kidding!)

Anyways, this isn't mean to be a post full of complaints, but yet one about Jesus. Our sermon last Sunday was about peaks and valleys. And ironically enough, Josh and I both had the thought of "wow, really seems like were at a peak right now...kinda of a bummer to think that a valley is coming at some point...hope it isn't soon". OH HEY THERE VALLEY. Yeesh.

So last night as I laid in bed, trying my best to get the ugly thoughts out of my head and praying to God that He would take away my anger. Take away the ugliness that was filling my heart about this person. I also asked him that He would grow my trust in this time. Trust that our lawnmower would be found. Trust that even though I feel violated because someone took our things and broke into our fence and storage house, that He is still protecting us, everyday.

Sure, we can go buy another lawnmower at some point. But as newlyweds, ya know, you don't just have tons of dollars sitting around to go throw at a new lawnmower when the one you had was BRAND NEW AND ONLY USED ONCE.

Then I also prayed that the Lord would restore my faith in humanity. Not that this once incident tore away all my faith...I am avid news watcher and reader...my faith in humanity gets slashed just about everyday. But that's not the way I should be. Sure there are some pretty terrible folks out there...but there are so many awesome ones, too, that try to make this world a better place day in and day out. And those are the people I should be focusing on and then praying for those people...that steal a brand new lawnmower from newlyweds from their new house and probably sold it to a pawn shop for money while I'm sitting at work doing my best to make some money.

I promise I'm not bitter...maybe.

So Lord, take my heart and help me to see the good in the world. Help me to wholeheartedly pray for the evil of this world that they would abandon their ways and turn to you. Help me to trust you that even when a valley appears, as my mother-in-law said "He makes all things for His good". Amen to that.

Oh and Lord? Could you help us find our lawnmower...please?



I have a purpose, You have a purpose.

Ashley from the Shine Project shared this post a few weeks ago and it has been something that has been on my mind long before she talked about it, but she has so much passion and fire when she writes...I think she ignited some in me, too!

We all have a purpose. We are all meant to do something. Being a pretty recent college graduate, I have found myself doing a job that I am so grateful for each day and so blessed to have. But, it's not near within my expensive degree that I received last year. But that's ok. What my job has taught me is that, although I may just be an assistant. I can be a darn good one. My bosses rely heavily on me to keep up with their schedules and their workloads. I am an integral part of helping them to be the best attorneys that they can be.

Wait, what? I play a part in their success? You bet I do. And that, my friends, is a gratifying thing. When I am being the best assistant I can be, I'm in turn helping my bosses be the best attorneys that they can be. We're a team and when one person is doing their best, it's likely that they are going to be helping the other to do their best as well.

So, my job may not be glamorous and it's certainly tedious at times, but I'm proud of it and I'm proud of the work that I do. Isn't that the point of life? To be proud of what you're doing, no matter what it may be? My purpose at work is to be the best that I can be. When I leave each day feeling accomplished and like I gave my best effort in the office...that carries into my home life. That joy follows me into my home every single day.

No matter where you are, or what you are doing. It has a purpose. YOU have a purpose. By being great at what you do, you're likely helping someone be great at what they do too. I kind of dig that, how about you?

You define your purpose, your passion, and your worth. No one else can or will. It's in your hand friends so make the best of it and define yourself in the best way possible. Be proud of the work you did today and are going to do tomorrow, be proud of the wife that you are or will be one day, be proud of the friend, sister, daughter, mama, co-worker, etc. that you are or will be. All of those roles hold a purpose for you.

I have a purpose and you have a purpose. Let's go make the most of it, shall we?
Your life is not insignificant! You have been chosen and commissioned by God for His purposes!  quote by @Charlotte Gambill
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