Why I think you should adopt

No, no, no...we're not talking about children today. HOWEVER, I think the adoption of children is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Instead, we're talking about sweet little pets.

As you probably all know, we adopted our Murphy back in late October from an animal shelter in town. That kid has been one of the biggest joys for Josh and I since we brought him home. It's hard to imagine what it was like when he wasn't around! I, for one, have always had a pet. I can't remember any point in my life that I didn't have a dog. I truly believe that a pet completes a family.

While buying from a breeder is a nice thing to do, be reminded of all of the puppies, teenager and adult dogs that are sitting at your local animal shelter right now in need of a home. So many of them have come from places of abuse and neglect and are longing for the opportunity to be an important part of a family rather than a part that is always in the way. It's hard for me to go into our shelter and see all of the sweet faces that need a home, I wish we could take every single one of them! Murphy on the other hand is probably glad we can't...haha!

The first day we brought Murphy home he hated when anyone besides Josh and I walked through the front door, he hardly had any fur on his little body, his ears were infected and his little eyes were sad. Almost 4 months later and that guy has some of the shinest fur I've ever seen and he has so MUCH of it now! He little ears are in perfect condition and he no longer scratches at them and those eyes...oh those eyes! How they light up when we come home, when we go for walks or when it's time for a treat. What priceless moments.

3 months in and I love that dog more than I could have ever imagined and my husband? Oh my husband!! He loves animals but not nearly as much as I do but you should SEE HIM with Murphy, they truly are best buds. Melt my heart.

Here's our Murph man not long after we adopted him...

It's easy to see that his fur was quite patchy. You can really tell around his eyes, on his little legs, his ears, his belly and on his hind legs. His fur was this way because his diet was so poor before.
Now look at him! What a handsome coat of fur!

Adopting Murphy, while it was extremely challenging at first and still is an adjustment, has been SUCH a blessing to us and I'm so glad we made the decision to bring this little guy home. The way he hops around and brings us toys when we walk in the door, the little cry of happiness he does when you bend down to pet him, the way he sleeps so peacefully curled on the couch, or the excitement that strikes him when we take him on a car ride, they are all such precious moments. You're a perfect addition to our little family, Murphy Colvin.

Now you're ready to go adopt a rescue dog aren't you?!?!

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  1. He looks MUCH better! Hooray for saving a life. :) Love me some labs. We have only ever adopted and have yet to regret that decision. They have so much love to give.


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