Valentines Decor

Even for "smaller" holidays, I like to incorporate it into our house somehow. For Valentines I decided to do a little banner on the mantel, a print as you come in the door, and some hearts around our chalkboard in the kitchen. Nothing crazy, but cute!

I got this banner for a steal of a deal off of GroopDealz! I had been searching for one all around but didn't want to pay a ton for it because it wouldn't be up for very long but I found this adorable one and was so pleased with it! I made the print myself and the heart garland is from the Dollar Tree. I have an unhealthy love for that store...I mean everything is a dollar, how do you resist?

I love Valentines day! The reds and pinks are so cute and why not celebrate the ones you love on this extra special holiday?!

I was a big bum taking these photos and they are all from my iPhone, sorry for the somewhat terrible quality! haha!
I'm SO looking forward to a nice dinner date with my man for Valentines! We "gave" each other Bruno Mars ticket for his concert in June and I am just about to burst I'm so excited for it. Mr. Murphy is getting himself the cutest little duck (that he is sure to tote around like his child...HE LOVES STUFFED ANIMALS YOU GUYS) for his Valentines present and I think he'll be very pleased :)
Speaking of Murphy, he sent out Valentines cards to the special people in his life ;)

We had a doughnut date Saturday morning with a quick trip to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru...obviously needing heart shaped doughnuts...while Murph was in the back doing kamikaze tricks to try and get to the front and swipe a doughnut!
I planted this orchard at the beginning of the year and it bloomed last week, just in time for Valentines day with the beautiful red! A sweet friend gave me the planting kit and what do you know, I made it grow! I also picked up a few bunches of flowers at Publix this week and these spray roses are just the perfect touch on the coffee table for love day!

Enjoy the beginning of love week, friends! It's looking like ice and snow are in the weather forecast for us this week...a few days off of work maybe?!

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  1. I love decorations for smaller holidays, still fun and cheery.


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