The Monday after the Super Bowl

Good Monday morning friends!

I'm a little groggy today after staying up to watch the Super Bowl last night and having some friends over. But good times make a groggy Monday worth it! All I've got to say about the Super Bowl is that my heart was broken for the Broncos and I can't imagine the frustration they were probably all feeling, Bruno was THE MAN and I wish he would have gotten to perform longer, and a big shout out to Russell Wilson for giving God so much praise after the win last night. You go, sir!

Can you tell Josh was pumped? You will also rarely find us in orange...
but for the love of the Broncos, it had to be done.

I made seasoned pretzels last night for our party and holy wow...I had to refrain from eating the whole batch. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it will most definitely be my go-to for party snacks from now on. Here is the recipe I used, it really couldn't be simpler! You know who else liked my pretzels? Murphy...because he got the bag off the counter and started eating them...that dog!

I really wanted to do individual brownies in the shapes of footballs for the party but couldn't find a cookie cutter to allow me to do so, so I just cut them all in the pan I baked them in then took them out and arranged them on a plate and enlisted my husbands help in drawing the football with icing, I think it turned out pretty well! I should note that Murphy did not get ahold of these...he has consumed enough chocolate in that little body of his to last a lifetime...remember this story?

Our weekend was pretty low key. We had a new security system installed on Saturday and that evening we took my parents out for dinner. Sunday was the usual church service then we took Murph man for a walk because the weather was BEAUTIFUL...dare I say, Spring like?! Then we hit the driving range to hit a few balls and before we knew it we were back home waiting for the Super Bowl to come on.

Even though I would have enjoyed a few extra minutes of sleep this morning, Bruno Mars tickets went on sale for his Columbia concert and hubs and I bought them for our Valentines gift to each other...I can't wait to see him in June!!
In the next few weeks here on the blog you can expect a few recipes, a giveaway, and more home tours! It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it's already February!

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