Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I hope each of you are getting showered with love today and have the opportunity to shower those around you with love as well. It's the very first Valentine's Day that Josh and I have got to spend together on the actual day, so thankful to finally be celebrate this holiday married!

I'm home today due to another snow day but the hubs had to make his way back to work. But he did have a late start so it was nice to sleep in and I made us valentine themed cinnamon rolls for breakfast :) (Funny story, I only had Christmas sprinkles for the cinnamon rolls so I had to PICK OUT EVERY SINGLE GREEN one...it was quite and adventure chasing those little sprinkles around the kitchen...quite a few ended up on the floor.)

Since I'm stuck in the house today, Murph and I are crafting Josh's card for valentines day, haha! Lucky Josh, he'll get to pass a few stores on the way home so he won out in that aspect! We were totally honest with each other saying that we were waiting until about Thursday to go out and get our cards buttttt since we were stuck inside yesterday, hand crafted card on my end ;)

We've got reservations at a DELICIOUS Italian restaurant and I can't wait for dinner with my man! We "got" each other Bruno Mars tickets for our gifts to each other and we're both so excited for his concert in June.

Murphy and I send you lots of love on this Valentines day! We've been cuddling, DEEP cleaning the house and he has been loving on his new duck that we got him.

Sweet Husband, 
Thankful and blessed just barely scratch the surface when it comes to how I'm feeling as we get to celebrate our very first married Valentine's Day, and in the same place to boot! You light up my life everyday and keep me on my toes. You challenge me and love me more than anyone in the whole wide world. I'm so glad that you're my forever valentine. The world is a better place because you're in it. I'm honored everyday that the title of "Josh's wife" is mine.
xoxo, Your Wife

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