Life is Like a Rocket Ship

Happy Thursday friends! This week (and last) has been an absolute whirlwind...and I'm close to being exhausted! I can't tell how the joy that I will have when the strikes 5 tomorrow.

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that my best friend's sister passed away. Her memorial service was a yesterday and it gave me the opportunity to see and chat with lots of friends from high school...that I literally have not seen since the day we graduated! And I'm back in my hometown living now...it's crazy! With that being said, I felt like my heart strings were tugged on a little getting to see the familiar faces that I sat in classrooms with for so long, people that I grew up beside.

It made me sad that so much time has passed and we haven't seen each other. It made me realize that the years that have passed since I graduated high school have FLOWN by and while I've spent tons of time with my very closest pals, there are quite a few people out there that I haven't seen that I'd truly love to catch up with.

Life is like a rocket ship and I feel like I'm always jetting off in a million different directions, very caught up in all of the things that I have going on. While I'm glad to have lots of things swirling around me...it dawned on me that I really need to set some time aside to catch up with old friends. Coffee, dinner, drinks, whatever it may be.

Sarah's memorial service was filled with her high school friends and I can't vouch for when they saw each other last...but what I do know is that life is fleeting and the good Lord could call any of us home at any point in time. In a moments notice you could be entering the gates of heaven and gone from this Earth. You just never know.

So in my time here on Earth that the Lord so preciously grants me everyday, I want to make a better effort to love on those around me. Invest more in my closest pals and reach out to the ones that I haven't seen in far too long. My weeks seem so short and so long all at the same time but I need to evaluate how I'm spending the minutes that are ticking by. I want my friendships to flourish. I want to be involved in others lives. I think it's good for the soul.

So, there's what is on my heart today. Sweet friends. Sweet friendships. And a few phone calls or text messages that I need to send to love on somebody and catch up with them today.

P.S. This picture below is of the Jones family, Sarah's family. I'm sure you recognize the girl in the picture, Rebecca was in my wedding and my very best friend! This was yesterday at Sarah's memorial service. Sarah was in the film industry and her family is holding her slate in this photo. She was actually using this slate on the day of the accident. Pray for them, would you? In the days, weeks and months to come when the quiet strikes and the phone calls and visits become less frequent, I can imagine that is when their grief will really strike and the healing process is a long one.
Here is the slate for Sarah from the Colvin clan.
Rebecca, Eric, Richard and Elizabeth: We love you so much! Sarah is celebrating in heaven, glory to God!

Should you feel inclined you can check out the facebook page Slates for Sarah and see just how many people loved and respected her in the industry. It's beautiful...you might need a tissue! She has touched SO many people literally around the WORLD.


  1. Praying for you and your friends family. I can't even imagine how difficult this must be. Although I'm glad you got to see old friends. It's so important to continue pursuing friendships! But you're so right, the years are flying!

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