Life is Like a Rocket Ship

Happy Thursday friends! This week (and last) has been an absolute whirlwind...and I'm close to being exhausted! I can't tell how the joy that I will have when the strikes 5 tomorrow.

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that my best friend's sister passed away. Her memorial service was a yesterday and it gave me the opportunity to see and chat with lots of friends from high school...that I literally have not seen since the day we graduated! And I'm back in my hometown living now...it's crazy! With that being said, I felt like my heart strings were tugged on a little getting to see the familiar faces that I sat in classrooms with for so long, people that I grew up beside.

It made me sad that so much time has passed and we haven't seen each other. It made me realize that the years that have passed since I graduated high school have FLOWN by and while I've spent tons of time with my very closest pals, there are quite a few people out there that I haven't seen that I'd truly love to catch up with.

Life is like a rocket ship and I feel like I'm always jetting off in a million different directions, very caught up in all of the things that I have going on. While I'm glad to have lots of things swirling around me...it dawned on me that I really need to set some time aside to catch up with old friends. Coffee, dinner, drinks, whatever it may be.

Sarah's memorial service was filled with her high school friends and I can't vouch for when they saw each other last...but what I do know is that life is fleeting and the good Lord could call any of us home at any point in time. In a moments notice you could be entering the gates of heaven and gone from this Earth. You just never know.

So in my time here on Earth that the Lord so preciously grants me everyday, I want to make a better effort to love on those around me. Invest more in my closest pals and reach out to the ones that I haven't seen in far too long. My weeks seem so short and so long all at the same time but I need to evaluate how I'm spending the minutes that are ticking by. I want my friendships to flourish. I want to be involved in others lives. I think it's good for the soul.

So, there's what is on my heart today. Sweet friends. Sweet friendships. And a few phone calls or text messages that I need to send to love on somebody and catch up with them today.

P.S. This picture below is of the Jones family, Sarah's family. I'm sure you recognize the girl in the picture, Rebecca was in my wedding and my very best friend! This was yesterday at Sarah's memorial service. Sarah was in the film industry and her family is holding her slate in this photo. She was actually using this slate on the day of the accident. Pray for them, would you? In the days, weeks and months to come when the quiet strikes and the phone calls and visits become less frequent, I can imagine that is when their grief will really strike and the healing process is a long one.
Here is the slate for Sarah from the Colvin clan.
Rebecca, Eric, Richard and Elizabeth: We love you so much! Sarah is celebrating in heaven, glory to God!

Should you feel inclined you can check out the facebook page Slates for Sarah and see just how many people loved and respected her in the industry. It's beautiful...you might need a tissue! She has touched SO many people literally around the WORLD.


Why I think you should adopt

No, no, no...we're not talking about children today. HOWEVER, I think the adoption of children is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Instead, we're talking about sweet little pets.

As you probably all know, we adopted our Murphy back in late October from an animal shelter in town. That kid has been one of the biggest joys for Josh and I since we brought him home. It's hard to imagine what it was like when he wasn't around! I, for one, have always had a pet. I can't remember any point in my life that I didn't have a dog. I truly believe that a pet completes a family.

While buying from a breeder is a nice thing to do, be reminded of all of the puppies, teenager and adult dogs that are sitting at your local animal shelter right now in need of a home. So many of them have come from places of abuse and neglect and are longing for the opportunity to be an important part of a family rather than a part that is always in the way. It's hard for me to go into our shelter and see all of the sweet faces that need a home, I wish we could take every single one of them! Murphy on the other hand is probably glad we can't...haha!

The first day we brought Murphy home he hated when anyone besides Josh and I walked through the front door, he hardly had any fur on his little body, his ears were infected and his little eyes were sad. Almost 4 months later and that guy has some of the shinest fur I've ever seen and he has so MUCH of it now! He little ears are in perfect condition and he no longer scratches at them and those eyes...oh those eyes! How they light up when we come home, when we go for walks or when it's time for a treat. What priceless moments.

3 months in and I love that dog more than I could have ever imagined and my husband? Oh my husband!! He loves animals but not nearly as much as I do but you should SEE HIM with Murphy, they truly are best buds. Melt my heart.

Here's our Murph man not long after we adopted him...

It's easy to see that his fur was quite patchy. You can really tell around his eyes, on his little legs, his ears, his belly and on his hind legs. His fur was this way because his diet was so poor before.
Now look at him! What a handsome coat of fur!

Adopting Murphy, while it was extremely challenging at first and still is an adjustment, has been SUCH a blessing to us and I'm so glad we made the decision to bring this little guy home. The way he hops around and brings us toys when we walk in the door, the little cry of happiness he does when you bend down to pet him, the way he sleeps so peacefully curled on the couch, or the excitement that strikes him when we take him on a car ride, they are all such precious moments. You're a perfect addition to our little family, Murphy Colvin.

Now you're ready to go adopt a rescue dog aren't you?!?!


I need you

I need my sweet readers to do me a favor today. I need you to lift up one of my very best friend's family. Pray over them, if you would.

My best friend lost her sister in a terrible train accident last week. Our hearts are broken, we're all extremely sad and a family is without one of it's members today.

Life is so precious...and so short. Sarah was a beautiful young woman with SO much talent and FULL of life. Everyone truly loved her. She was so incredibly special. The world lost a really good one when she passed away.

I hope that you'll join me in praying for healing and comfort for their family. Peace knowing that God took Sarah home because He needed her more than we did here on Earth.

I know that Sarah won't ever be forgotten and the lives that she has impacted is many. You should see her facebook page. It's FULL of the sweetest comments about her. Many, many people thought very highly of Sarah.

My heart aches thinking of my best friend, Rebecca, going through the loss of her sister. I wish I had all the right words to say to her, but I don't. Even though I probably won't ever find the right words to say to her, I know that the Lord hears my prayers and will comfort Rebecca and her whole family through what has to be the most difficult time in their lives.

Rebecca's dad plays piano beautifully and when I walked in after the accident their whole house was filled with beautiful sounds. I leave you with those words today.

I see trees of green,
red roses too.
I see them bloom,
for me and you.
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue,
And clouds of white.
The bright blessed day,
The dark sacred night.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow,
So pretty in the sky.
Are also on the faces,
Of people going by,
I see friends shaking hands.
Saying, "How do you do?"
They're really saying,
"I love you".

I hear babies cry,
I watch them grow,
They'll learn much more,
Than I'll ever know.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

Yes, I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.


A beautiful necklace is coming to your mailbox...

I am so pleased to announce that the beautiful 1000 Shillings necklace will be making it's way home to...
Thank you a MILLION times over to everyone who entered, I truly wish I could send each of you a gift. I really, really do. I am so thankful for those that support this blog day in and day out.
Hopefully there will be more fun giveaways to come in the future. In the meantime, 1000 Shillings has wonderful jewelry and accessories at a great price point so definitely check them out!


Good To Know

Today I wanted to share three little tips that I have found to be very helpful lately! Tricks of the trade I guess you could call them ;)

First up, how to keep your fresh flowers alive longer!
I am sometimes hesitant to buy real flowers to keep in the house because I know they will soon be dead and I'll have to throw them out. Well, I bought some hydrangeas at Publix the other day and the next morning one bunch of them were completely droopy and sad looking and I was not a happy camper, I had just bought them! I googled and googled ways to keep flowers alive longer and I saw on quite a few sites that Listerine worked really well. I knew we had some in our bathroom so I decided to give it a try. I poured out the water that was already in the vase, filled it with fresh water, cut the bottom of the stems just a little and poured in a cap full of Listerine. When I got up the next morning the flowers were standing upright and looked BEAUTIFUL! It was amazing! So, I have decided that Listerine is a GREAT trick to keep flowers alive! Not the mention, the whole house smelled minty fresh, haha!

And next, how to clean your chalkboards!
We had a little chalkboard that sits on our kitchen counter that I like to change out periodically. Well, I could NOT get the chalk residue off each time I wanted to write something new...and I was getting quite frustrated with it. I asked Josh to google it and see if there were any suggestions on how to clean a chalkboard. He found a few sites that said put a rag under warm water, ring it out then put it in vinegar for about a minute and ring it out again then wipe your board with it. Lo and behold, it worked like a charm! I really was starting to think we were going to have to retire the chalkboard because it was starting to look so janky...but now it looks brand new!

Lastly, do you have a tub or sink that you just can't get stains out of? Mix up 1/2 cup of vinegar (heat it for about a minute), a 1/2 cup of dish washing liquid, and pour some baking powder over the top. Make sure when you put all of this into a cup and/or bowl have it IN the bathtub or sink already because mixing the vinegar and baking soda is going to make it bubble over. Mix it together as well as you can and then take an old cloth and slather it all over your sink or tub. Let it sit for awhile...2 hours is recommended, I left mine for an hour. Then come back and just rinse it out and you won't believe how white, sparkly, and clean your tub/sink is. It works wonders! AND NO SCRUBBING! Happy dance anyone?!

So there you have it, three extremely random and extremely different tips. I hope you can use them!

Happy Hump Day! The weekend is getting near!


Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I hope each of you are getting showered with love today and have the opportunity to shower those around you with love as well. It's the very first Valentine's Day that Josh and I have got to spend together on the actual day, so thankful to finally be celebrate this holiday married!

I'm home today due to another snow day but the hubs had to make his way back to work. But he did have a late start so it was nice to sleep in and I made us valentine themed cinnamon rolls for breakfast :) (Funny story, I only had Christmas sprinkles for the cinnamon rolls so I had to PICK OUT EVERY SINGLE GREEN one...it was quite and adventure chasing those little sprinkles around the kitchen...quite a few ended up on the floor.)

Since I'm stuck in the house today, Murph and I are crafting Josh's card for valentines day, haha! Lucky Josh, he'll get to pass a few stores on the way home so he won out in that aspect! We were totally honest with each other saying that we were waiting until about Thursday to go out and get our cards buttttt since we were stuck inside yesterday, hand crafted card on my end ;)

We've got reservations at a DELICIOUS Italian restaurant and I can't wait for dinner with my man! We "got" each other Bruno Mars tickets for our gifts to each other and we're both so excited for his concert in June.

Murphy and I send you lots of love on this Valentines day! We've been cuddling, DEEP cleaning the house and he has been loving on his new duck that we got him.

Sweet Husband, 
Thankful and blessed just barely scratch the surface when it comes to how I'm feeling as we get to celebrate our very first married Valentine's Day, and in the same place to boot! You light up my life everyday and keep me on my toes. You challenge me and love me more than anyone in the whole wide world. I'm so glad that you're my forever valentine. The world is a better place because you're in it. I'm honored everyday that the title of "Josh's wife" is mine.
xoxo, Your Wife


Lovely in Red

 photo 002_zps4c7e13a0.jpg  photo 001_zpsde5ae1a8.jpg  photo 003_zpsac166ab9.jpg  photo 004_zps3f2361cb.jpg

pants: Cynthia Rowley// bag: Kate Spade 

I wore this outfit to church this past Sunday and if we can dig our way out of the snow I'm going to wear this top tomorrow night for our Valentines date but I'm pairing it with this darling black leather skirt I got this past weekend for a steal at Marshall's! (Which is also wear this top and these red pants came from) I know, I won't be sporting any red for the holiday but I'll be sure to wear a red lip and my nails will be festive! I adore the pattern in this top and I am a SUCKER for good fitting work pants and these Cynthia Rowley ones fit the bill! Marshall's has been spot on for me lately in the home goods and clothing departments! Are you a big fan of Marshall's?

Josh and I had the day off of work yesterday and today due to all of the winter weather we've gotten! There's a big mix of sleet, ice and snow covering our state. It's been so nice to have some down time with the hubby with no place to be except cuddled up inside our house by the fire. I SO love a good snow day. Yesterday was a nice and lazy bum day and today we've been extremely productive decluttering and organizing our closets. I have loved seeing so many beautiful snow pics from my blogger friends in the South!

P.S. Have you entered my 1000 Shillings giveaway yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!

P.S.S.  Josh and I are making homemade Valentines for each other tonight since we both were waiting until this week to go out and buy cards, haha!


Valentines Decor

Even for "smaller" holidays, I like to incorporate it into our house somehow. For Valentines I decided to do a little banner on the mantel, a print as you come in the door, and some hearts around our chalkboard in the kitchen. Nothing crazy, but cute!

I got this banner for a steal of a deal off of GroopDealz! I had been searching for one all around but didn't want to pay a ton for it because it wouldn't be up for very long but I found this adorable one and was so pleased with it! I made the print myself and the heart garland is from the Dollar Tree. I have an unhealthy love for that store...I mean everything is a dollar, how do you resist?

I love Valentines day! The reds and pinks are so cute and why not celebrate the ones you love on this extra special holiday?!

I was a big bum taking these photos and they are all from my iPhone, sorry for the somewhat terrible quality! haha!
I'm SO looking forward to a nice dinner date with my man for Valentines! We "gave" each other Bruno Mars ticket for his concert in June and I am just about to burst I'm so excited for it. Mr. Murphy is getting himself the cutest little duck (that he is sure to tote around like his child...HE LOVES STUFFED ANIMALS YOU GUYS) for his Valentines present and I think he'll be very pleased :)
Speaking of Murphy, he sent out Valentines cards to the special people in his life ;)

We had a doughnut date Saturday morning with a quick trip to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru...obviously needing heart shaped doughnuts...while Murph was in the back doing kamikaze tricks to try and get to the front and swipe a doughnut!
I planted this orchard at the beginning of the year and it bloomed last week, just in time for Valentines day with the beautiful red! A sweet friend gave me the planting kit and what do you know, I made it grow! I also picked up a few bunches of flowers at Publix this week and these spray roses are just the perfect touch on the coffee table for love day!

Enjoy the beginning of love week, friends! It's looking like ice and snow are in the weather forecast for us this week...a few days off of work maybe?!


1000 Shillings

Displaying 1ks2014line.jpg

I was contacted by an awesome company a few weeks ago about styling some of their jewelry. When I got the email I immediately went to their website to see what they were all about and man my world was rocked when I started reading. By the way, aren't those items above beautiful?!

The company is called 1000 Shillings and they work with impoverished women artisans all around the world. They work with these women to give their products an internal market and a platform to encourage women to start their own businesses. Incredibly cool, right? Purchases made from them provides a micogrant to a woman to help her stater her own business and provide for her family.

 photo 010_zpsce14cf5d.jpg  photo 006_zps91cc9951.jpg
They so generously gave me a necklace to review and style and gave me another one to give away to my sweet readers! I'm so excited to share this company with you all and urge you to not only enter to giveaway but to check out their website because it is so worth it and they have some beautiful pieces!

 photo 009_zpsa816925f.jpg  photo 008_zpsf34262be.jpg  photo 004_zps06c8ae6d.jpg
Please leave a comment with your name and email address after you enter with Rafflecopter.


Delicious Meatball Subs

Pinterest is my go-to for new recipes and when I found an incredibly easy recipe for meatball subs floating around out there, I pinned that baby quick and put the items I needed on my next grocery list. Josh isn't a huge fan of meatball subs and I've only had them once, from Subway, and I was extremely disappointed. I thought it was going to be SO good...but it wasn't all that great. BUT I wasn't ready to give up on them quite yet and thought I'd try my hand at them.

I bought a package of meatballs from the frozen meat section in Publix and they had already seasoned them. I used my dutch oven and put the meatballs in the bottom then covered them with a jar of marinara sauce. You can most likely use any kind of red sauce but I specifically wanted marinara for ours. I, very gently, tossed the meatballs around in the marinara so that they were completely covered and let them cook until they were all heated thoroughly.

In the meantime I popped our sub rolls into our toaster oven for a quick minute, just to toast them a little so they wouldn't get soggy or limp when I put the meatballs and sauce in. I laid all of the rolls on a baking sheet then filled each one with 3-4 meatballs and put a little sauce on top of each sub. Then I topped them with mozzarella cheese and put them in the oven, that I had preheated to 400, for about 5-7 minutes...or until I could tell that the cheese was metled and bubbly.

Then you're done, that's all there is to it! We ate ours with seasoned French fries and it was such a filling meal...good for an always hungry husband!

I've already picked up another package of meatballs and they are patiently waiting in my freezer for me to make this meal again! Can you even believe that Josh has already REQUESTED these for dinner again?! #wifewin

 photo 003_zps3c421ddd.jpg


The Monday after the Super Bowl

Good Monday morning friends!

I'm a little groggy today after staying up to watch the Super Bowl last night and having some friends over. But good times make a groggy Monday worth it! All I've got to say about the Super Bowl is that my heart was broken for the Broncos and I can't imagine the frustration they were probably all feeling, Bruno was THE MAN and I wish he would have gotten to perform longer, and a big shout out to Russell Wilson for giving God so much praise after the win last night. You go, sir!

Can you tell Josh was pumped? You will also rarely find us in orange...
but for the love of the Broncos, it had to be done.

I made seasoned pretzels last night for our party and holy wow...I had to refrain from eating the whole batch. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it will most definitely be my go-to for party snacks from now on. Here is the recipe I used, it really couldn't be simpler! You know who else liked my pretzels? Murphy...because he got the bag off the counter and started eating them...that dog!

I really wanted to do individual brownies in the shapes of footballs for the party but couldn't find a cookie cutter to allow me to do so, so I just cut them all in the pan I baked them in then took them out and arranged them on a plate and enlisted my husbands help in drawing the football with icing, I think it turned out pretty well! I should note that Murphy did not get ahold of these...he has consumed enough chocolate in that little body of his to last a lifetime...remember this story?

Our weekend was pretty low key. We had a new security system installed on Saturday and that evening we took my parents out for dinner. Sunday was the usual church service then we took Murph man for a walk because the weather was BEAUTIFUL...dare I say, Spring like?! Then we hit the driving range to hit a few balls and before we knew it we were back home waiting for the Super Bowl to come on.

Even though I would have enjoyed a few extra minutes of sleep this morning, Bruno Mars tickets went on sale for his Columbia concert and hubs and I bought them for our Valentines gift to each other...I can't wait to see him in June!!
In the next few weeks here on the blog you can expect a few recipes, a giveaway, and more home tours! It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it's already February!