Time for a change...Or is it?

Coming into the new year I had been thinking a lot of this little blog here and how I wanted it to grow in 2014 and be a space that people would so enjoy coming to daily. Of course, around the end of the year and into the beginning of the new one, everyone is talking about this sort of thing on their blog. A lot of blog names are changing, new blogs are popping up, blog designs are changing and it can kind of seem like a whirlwind. I had tossed around the idea of changing my blog name a few weeks ago and I started tinkering with a new design and a new name, just kind of trying it on for size, I guess you could say. But something inside of me just could not pull the trigger to change anything...for now at least. I ran the idea by my husband and at the end of my little speech I said "but I just don't know, I feel like Every Day Life fits like a great, old, pair of shoes" and he said you're right, it does, so why change it? BAM. Right there is what I needed to hear.

Why change something I love? Something that still fits my life so well? So after a little deliberation, Every Day Life is here to stay. By the way, my idea for my name blog name was clean and simple, Lindsay Colvin -the blog-. And why knows? I just might transition into that one day, when the time is right and when Every Day Life just doesn't quite fit the way it used to. But for now? Every Day Life fits in every little place and I love that. I love this space y'all, I really do. I get so much joy out of coming here everyday and sharing my life with you and reading about your adventures.

Every Day Life still fits because in each of my posts I'm talking about just that, my everyday life. My day to day thoughts and adventures, goals and aspirations. I'm ordinary and not even close to ordinary all at the same time and I want this space to reflect that and reflect my life.

As for my design, I wanted to change that too. But I'm just not tired of clicking to this place everyday and seeing the sleek lines of white and black and the little gold dots sprinkled across the top...it just fits for right now so you'll be seeing it for a little while longer, until I'm ready to look at something else.

You know, I've been blogging for over two years now and my number of followers slowly, very slowly, creep up every few months. I've seen some of my favorite blogs start from the very beginning and have well over 300, 500, and sometimes even a 1,000 followers in less than a year or even 6 months! It's amazing. But my space hasn't grown that quickly and I am so OK with that. I'm so thankful for all 177 or 7 of you that visit this place each day. I have never used this blog to sky rocket my social media numbers, to land partnership deals with huge fashion companies, or to make an income for myself and I'm so content with that. I'm content to come here each day and just be myself and talk about whatever tickles my fancy for that day. Those of you that are making an income off of your blog or have great partnerships, I applaud and admire you. The blog world is such a phenomenal place.

If one day this space grows to 500 people, I will be so ecstatic and if one day a big brand wants to partner with me, I'll be over the moon. But if this space didn't grow one more follower for the rest of the time that I blog, I'd be more than happy with that too. I love this space, no matter how big or small, how important or insignificant each post my be. It's my happy place.

I'm so glad you're here at my happy place and I'm so glad that I get to stop by yours daily, too.

Here's to Every Day Life...let's live it.

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