Southern Charm, Class & Elegance: It's all in the details

Last but not least, the details of our wedding day will round our the recaps of the best day of my life!

I wanted the details of our big day to be beautiful and as close to perfect as possible! I LOVE looking at the details of other peoples wedding when I go and see the bride and grooms personality displayed throughout so I knew I wanted to focus a lot on our décor and the details. As you've seen, the house we got married at is massive and gorgeous! We wouldn't have had to put up anything in that house and it still would have been stunning!
One of the first visits I went to at the house the owner, Wanda, told me...a good idea when thinking about decorating the house is to make it feel like YOUR house, like you and your soon-to-be-husband live here. And I thought, oh my gosh, that's perfect! There were fireplaces in the house and gorgeous furniture that, if played right, you could make your guests truly feel like they were in your house. So I started buying and collecting from family members all sorts of picture frames. I decorated the mantels and side tables scattered throughout the house with engagement pictures and bridal portraits. I also put a lot of candles around, elephant figurines (because we love elephants!), little wooden signs with our names on them, and a canvas describing marriage.
The ballroom is off of the main house (connected by the most gorgeous doors you've ever seen) so in the house portion I really played up the theme of it being our house, and not sticking to any certain colors but instead matching each room in the house with my décor but in the ballroom is where I played up the elegance and class aspect that Josh (and me too!) so badly wanted displayed at our wedding. This is where the deep purples came into play, which were our wedding colors, and each table was adorned with flower arrangements and candles. It had much more of a wedding feel, which I really like but when you stepped through the doors into the rest of the house, you felt like you were at our home. It was the PERFECT combination for us!
On one of the fireplace mantels we did a collage of our families wedding photos, which I loved! For our favors the chalkboard by them said "Hugs and kisses from the new Mr & Mrs" and inside each box was a Hershey hug and kiss. I saw this on Etsy and immediately knew I wanted to do those for our favors...I think that was one of the very first things I had picked out!
You'll also notice that we had a few touches of burlap around and that is because we wanted our wedding to have a bit of a "southern charm" feel and we felt like the burlap was the perfect thing to do that! We had little touches here and there but nothing overwhelming. You'll notice that we got married under a HUGE oak tree with lanterns hanging from it...that is where I first got my idea for southern charm and you'll notice that our runner was burlap with satin lining each side, to really tie together the southern feel. Josh expressed to me many times that he wanted our ceremony to be very elegant and timeless, I incorporated this by the big balls of flowers lining the isle...I seriously SWOON over those, so gorgeous!!

Ok, now where is the wedding fairy to transport me back to this day and let me do it all over again?!

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