Snow days are good for the soul

Lucky us in South Carolina got 3 inches of snow last night and today marked my second day off from work and it was WON.DER.FUL, let me tell you. So, so wonderful!

Yesterday the snow ended up coming in a lot later than expected but here in the South we start planning WAY in advance when we even think snow is on the horizon so Murphy and I woke up slowly yesterday, sipped coffee and watched the Today show with a little bit of reading some blogs going on in between. It was just what I needed and a nice little surprise to be off of work. Josh got to come home around 3 and he had the day off today too! So our morning resembled my morning  yesterday quite a bit then we got all suited up and headed out in the snow. We had an awesome day being lazy, making trips outside to play in the snow, napping, drinking hot chocolate, sitting by the fireplace, attempting snow cream and having breakfast for dinner. Such a sweet little surprise getting to stay home with my hubby in the middle of the week.

And I just love a dusting of snow. Everything is so bright and beautiful and seems so pure and clean. Love. Did I mention how much Murphy loved the snow? We've had to drag him in multiple times today because he would just sit his little tush in the cold snow on the deck, while it was freezing out! He ran around like a crazy kid all day. Digging in the snow, chasing our snowballs, eating the snow off of the plants, he was having a blast!

Tomorrow we're on a 2 hour delay and I'm not complaining! Thanks for the snow, mother nature :)


  1. Good for you guys! I just wish here in Ohio WE'D get a snow day!! We've had snow/ice like that for weeks and nothing :( I need a good snow day off work haha

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