"I want to wear my tinkerbell wings..."

Just popping in today to tell you one of the sweetest little stories that I've heard in a long time. I think it will bring a smile to your face and might even draw a tear.

My mom told me this story about one of her co-worker's little girl, lets call her Abby (for safety and privacy). Abby is 4 years old. Her family had to put their dog of 14 years down last week, her name was Sally. Abby's mom told her that Sally was going to doggie heaven to be with Jesus and play with all the other dogs in heaven.

Abby and her dad were riding down the road a few days after Sally went to meet Jesus and Abby asked her dad "Daddy, did you meet Jesus?" Her dad was obviously a little confused and said "What do you mean?" Abby said, "When he came to get Sally and take her to doggie heaven, did you meet him?" Her dad replied "No sweetie, Jesus didn't come get Sally. Sally went up to heaven to Jesus." Abby said "So Jesus had to give her wings right? So she could fly to heaven to be with him?" Her dad said "Yeah, that's right. Jesus gave her wings to fly to heaven." Then Abby replied "I want to wear my tinker bell wings when I fly to heaven to meet Jesus one day."

She was tinker bell this past Halloween.

My heart just smiled when my mom told me this story. So sweet, so innocent, and the faith of a little child.

faith like a child <3

Happy Thursday, sweet friends! One more wake-up until the weekend!

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  1. Well now I'm a big puddle of gooey mush... that is just the SWEETEST thing I've ever heard!!!


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