Husband has a birthday!

Today is my so very sweet and so very handsome husband's birthday!! It's his very last year to be in his twenties...I remind him ALL THE TIME that he is almost 30 ;) All in good fun of course!

This is the first birthday of either of ours that we're getting to spend together as married people. This morning Josh woke up to an obxniously decorated house and last night I whipped up his favorite birthday food, funfetti cupcakes with funfetti icing, I even splurged and got the aqua blue vanilla frosting ;)

I truly feel like the year of 29 is going to be Josh's best year yet. Don't tell him I said this but his twenties have been ridiculous...in a mostly not very good way, except for the marrying me part, duh! But I just have this feeling that 29 is going to take the cake for his best and favorite year yet and I'm excited that I get to spend all of this year with him, as his wife.

Dear Josh,
The first of many birthday has come that we get to spend as married people! I am one lucky lady. I think your year of 29 has some truly awesome and wonderful things in store and I am so excited to watch you and be with you as you experience whatever this year may hold. I am so proud to be your wife. Your love for me and our little family overwhelms me day in and day out. I hope not a day goes by where you ever wonder how much I love you. Everyone that knows you, loves you and I think that speaks volumes for your personality and attitude towards others. Every day when I catch a little glimpse of that wedding ring on your finger my heart does a little pitter patter. Life with you is so, so sweet. I hope that today holds nothing but greatness for you and I'm humbled that I get to spend another year with you. I thank God every day for giving you to me as my husband and today I especially thank him for the 29 years of life that He has granted you with and pray that many, many more years of birthdays are to come. You are so special to me. My main squeeze...and a darn cute one at that!
I love you more than you will ever, ever know.
Your wife xoxo
Our morning looked a little something like this...

Then I went home to hang out with Murphy at lunch and I walked in and he was COVERED in blue icing...making my way to the kitchen I am praying that he didn't get the cupcakes. Which luckily, he didn't. He just retrieved the can of icing from the trash can and licked it CLEAN...all probably less than 1/4 of the icing that was left in the can and yet STILL seemed to get it all over his head, ears, snout, and entire face. I can imagine he was probably bouncing off the walls after I left...dog on a sugar high.
Happy Birthday babe!

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