Home Tour: Laundry Room & Hall Bath

Before we even started looking at houses I figured in our first house our washer and dryer would have to be tucked away behind a door in our kitchen somewhere...or something of the sorts. I know sometimes starter homes don't have an allotted laundry room. You can imagine I was pleasantly surprised when we looked at our house before we bought it and it had a laundry room! I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing.

As much as I try to keep this room organized, it just doesn't happen. And this might sound strange, but it kinda feels good that it's a bunch of junk. I think every house needs a room where you can just throw stuff. Although, I do occasionally get on these kicks where "I JUST CAN'T STAND THIS MESSY ROOM" and attempt to organize and rearrange...let me tell you how long that lasts...not very. Want to know why? I have two words, my husband. But that's ok, to me, laundry rooms are made for messes. I'm just thankful that our washer and dryer have a room of their own and even some cabinet space, glory glory hallelujah!

 photo 028_zps402034f9.jpg  photo 027_zpsc49d2353.jpg  photo 024_zpse19d8f12.jpg  photo 025_zpsd7a80aa4.jpg

I feel like I need to mention that although it looks like we are alcoholics by how many cases of beer we are hoarding in our laundry room...we are not, ha! We had a lot left over from the wedding. 

When looking for houses we knew that 2 bathrooms were essential. That was one thing we really didn't want to compromise on and good thing we didn't have to! Our hall bath is a full and just enough space!

 photo 034_zps6df1ea7c.jpg  photo 002_zps0bf1c649.jpg  photo 003_zpsd95f5d59.jpg  photo 004_zpsc9a8c83d.jpg  photo 005_zps0b483a7d.jpg  photo 006_zpsa9c49dca.jpg  photo 007_zps1288976a.jpg  photo 026_zps9c122a20.jpg  photo 027_zps0580dc3e.jpg  photo 028_zpsb03dba1a.jpg  photo 032_zps18dad346.jpg  photo 033_zps624e4c6d.jpg
We have shampoo, conditioner, and a toothbrush waiting on some visitors to come see us ;) My sister-in-law gave us the monogrammed towels for our wedding and I ADORE them. Truly. As for everything else that is in the bathroom, it's just a hodge podge of stuff that I've picked up when I've been out shopping. Not really any rhyme or reason to it, but I like it! I made the print next to the sink on picmonkey and had it printed it Walgreens and I bought the South Carolina print on Etsy for $4 bucks and had it printed at Walgreens as well.

 photo 031_zps799ea88a.jpg  photo 030_zpsc8defa60.jpg

This is Murphy's favorite and least favorite room in the whole house. If you're in here you better let him in or he is going to throw a fit and sniff at the door and stick his paws under it so you'll know he is there. That kid loves to be in the bathroom with you. It's his least favorite because in the winter this is where he gets his baths once a month and anytime Josh and I are in there at the same time he starts creeping around and tries to bolt. Needless to say...I'm ready for warm weather because his baths on the back deck are much less eventful.

In the hallway we have a gallery wall, which may or may not grow in the future, our family pictures from the wedding and my bridal canvas at the end of the hall. Those adorable frames that our family pictures are in are from Hobby Lobby! We also have our  linen closet in the hallway.
 photo 004_zps21104e9b.jpg  photo 008_zps6d7b4e7f.jpg  photo 009_zpsf1c0420d.jpg  photo 006_zpsbfbd9bed.jpg  photo 005_zpsd4671d51.jpg
 photo 010_zpsd85bb8f5.jpg

That is my veil hanging behind my bridal canvas. I REALLY wanted a way to display it and had thought about framing it and putting it in our bedroom somewhere but out of the blue one day I was cleaning out the guest room, FINALLY getting it all put together and I picked up my veil to put it in a safe place and thought 'this might look pretty behind my bridal'. So there you have it. I think it's different and cute but I don't want it to get really dirty so who knows how long I'll have it there.

I so enjoy sharing our home with y'all, thanks for following along! 


  1. I LOVE the shot and having the veil behind it -- what a great idea!!! :) such a cute home you have, girl!

  2. Just found you blob on bloglovin and lovin' it haha :p


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