Dreaming of Spring

I'm not a huge fan of wishing time away too quickly...but January and February are hard months to make it through without wishing for it to be Spring time. I am especially excited for Spring this year because it's the first chance Josh and I are going to have to get in our yard and do some serious yard work! When we bought the house in late August we were really busy with the wedding and winter was right around the corner so my dad did basic yard clean up for us but there wasn't really a point in doing too much work...because everything was just about to shrivel up and die in a few months any ways.

Well, with Spring on the horizon Josh and I have been dreaming and planning about what we'd like to do to our yard! We got pretty lucky that we have a nice sized front and back yard to work with and I can't wait to start trimming bushes and shrubs, planting all sorts of flowers and working on making our yard look beautiful!

Here is a little snippet of what we'd like to work on in the front of the house this Spring...

 photo Harry2_zpsc04509f5.jpg
I am seriously perplexed as to why there are two trees right next to each other in front of the house. When you get close to them, they are actually both very pretty trees and the one in the front blooms so much color. But they're too close and look like a big glob in front of the house. I would like to just axe the shorter, fuller tree in the back but I've still got some convincing of Josh for that...he wants to just trim it up a little and make it more of like a shrub. So we'll see...either way, I just want that space to not look so cluttered...with trees. haha! We'd like to put that kind of plastic or wrought iron edging around both sides of the front of the house and add new mulch...not sure what color yet. Probably more of an orange-ish/red color, to really make it pop! We also want to work on the little bushes on either side of the house and trim them up and I'd like to put some sort of flower on each side too, something with some color. There is also a HUGE and HEAVY concrete flower box on the stoop that I am going to fill with lots and lots of pretty flowers...that I hope and pray I can keep alive ;)

It looks like we're going to be pretty fortunate in the grass department and its going to be pretty lush and green...keep your fingers crossed it stays that way!

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head that we want to do with the front yard as of right now. We've got a bit of an undertaking with the backyard because it resembles...how should I say it...a JUNGLE haha! But it's beautiful and once we get it under control it will be even more beautiful.

All of this to say, it's going to take some time and hard work to get our yard exactly how we like it but we're in no rush and are just thankful that we have such a fun project to look forward to this Spring...Josh is so proud to have a yard, as he's always been in apartments, and can't wait to make it his pride and joy.

Speaking of Spring, call me crazy but I am literally ITCHING for the first warm Saturday in a few months where I can put up all of the windows and go to town deep cleaning and scrubbing my house. Nothing is better to me than a sparkling clean house. I'm sure I'll be writing a blog post in a few months about how much I despise spring cleaning...haha!

If anyone has a green thumb I would appreciate any gardening tips!

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