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It's been far too long since I've updated what I've been up to lately so here's a big photo dump and life update!

I was the worst blogger on the face of the earth on Thanksgiving because I didn't take one single picture...until the very end of the night when we crashed on the couch. But it was a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and our very first married holiday, which made it even sweeter :) We did a lot of riding in the card, eating waaaay too much, and spending time with our families on Thursday and it was pure goodness. I loved getting to come home with Josh at the end of the day! This is the result of a long day...

We got tons of Christmas shopping done this weekend. Mom and I braved the crowds on Friday and Josh and I went back out on Sunday, our list is dwindling down quickly and we have found some great presents and used lots and lots of coupons! Win, win, win!! We put our Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving and I felt like I was cheating Thanksgiving at the time but I am SO glad we went ahead and had it up. It allowed us to enjoy this weekend without having to rush around to get our tree up...because it was already sitting pretty in our living room :) Josh was out for awhile on Saturday and when he got home I surprised him with having the outside of the house already decorated! I felt mighty proud of myself for getting it all done!
On Sunday we had our hanging of the greens church service and it's the first one I've been to, due to being away at school the last few years, and it was absolutely beautiful! One of my favorite services of the year I'd have to say.
A week or so ago we headed downtown to the Vista Lights and enjoyed kicking off the holiday season. The streets were shut down and vendors had hot chocolate, bon fires, smores, sales, and tons of other stuff going on. We roamed around for awhile to get ourselves in the Christmas spirit.
And of course, can't have a life update post without a picture of this little man. He has been SUCH a cuddle bug lately. As SOON as I sit on the couch at night and put this blanket on me, no matter where he is in the house he comes running and jumps right into my lap to curl up for the night. I almost can't handle how much I love him.
Aaaaaannnnnnnd today is very special because 365 days ago my sweet boyfriend, at the time, got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM! And here we are, a year later, married and he continues to blow me away each day with his selflessness and loves towards me. I could not be more blessed to call him my husband. He put a ring on my finger a year ago and a few months ago it was my honor to put a ring on his. I love you husband! Read the story here or listen to us re-tell it here.
Is it obvious how happy I was to marry him?
I pick up our wedding pictures TOMORROW! Tomorrow, tomorrow...it's only a day awwwwaaaayyyy!! And wedding recaps shall begin!

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  1. You and your man are TOO stinking cute!!! Happy engagement-versary ;) so exciting! I'm glad you two enjoyed your first married Thanksgiving! Wasn't it great coming home together at the end of the night!? I know I loved it!


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