The Halls Have Been Decked

I had the best time decorating our house for Christmas...and just like the tree...I'm going to be really sad to take it all down and pack it away in the attic until next year. We got so incredibly lucky with all of our decorations this year and didn't have to spend much money. When Josh was at his apartment he didn't have a ton of Christmas decorations, obviously. So a few things had to be bought. But, if you've been around this space for any length of time, you know that I am a bargain shopper through and through. Sign me up for a trip to any and all consignment stores, Goodwill, Dollar Trees, swing my by Target's Dollar Spot, and let me hit up a garage or yard sale and I am set! Oh and I can't forget craft shows, too!
Mom and Granny got a lot of our d├ęcor from a garage sale one morning a few months ago and dropped by our house and had tons of goodies for us! And they probably spent 10 bucks. Mom, Granny and I went on our annual craft show visit a few weekends ago and a new lady was set up and she had the CUTEST decorations for SO CHEAP! I'm talking $5 and $7 for things you would have guessed to cost much more. And I got a few things from a consignment shop visit a month or so ago. So, we stocked up on some great things for this Christmas and Josh has voiced to me a few times "since we got all this stuff this year you don't have to buy ANY next year...right?" We shall take the verdict on that when Christmas comes around net year ;)
Without further adieu, here is our home decorated for Christmas! (To see the deets of our first Christmas tree, go here!)
 photo 003_zps622a701d.jpg  photo 006_zps4abc8746.jpg  photo 007_zps204a36d2.jpg  photo 010_zps0240c110.jpg  photo 013_zpsa7ecdce4.jpg  photo 014_zps863cf7c2.jpg  photo 016_zps03da85a1.jpg  photo 019_zps5ced0188.jpg  photo 020_zps53bf15a4.jpg  photo 037_zps880b0e7b.jpg  photo 047_zpsed8b753c.jpg  photo 049_zps50745444.jpg  photo 053_zpse0d1d67f.jpg  photo 054_zpsba4caa7d.jpg  photo 055_zps20db680f.jpg  photo 062_zpse0af03a4.jpg  photo 063_zpsfee5bedf.jpg  photo 065_zps9a7b7db4.jpg  photo 066_zps80425b5c.jpg  photo 067_zpsd71efff6.jpg  photo 068_zpsae04a73f.jpg  photo 060_zps55bd0ae4.jpg



  1. Everything is perfect! I LOVE what you did with that frame! That is a definite to-do for me!

    Thanks for linking up girl!

  2. That card holder is absolutely adorable. I really like all the details! Thanks for linking up :)


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