Our Christmas Card

I'm so very happy to show you the Colvin's very first Christmas card! I was over the moon excited to send out our first Christmas cards! I had known since...well, let's be honest, LAST Christmas...that I wanted to use a wedding picture on our card and use the phrase "may your days be MARRY and bright". It's just too cute! So that we did, wedding picture and that phrase!

I actually made our cards on Picmonkey (just like our Save the Dates) and uploaded them to Walgreens photo center and bam, we had postcards for Christmas! Super easy and Walgreens had 40% photo cards when I ordered, so a win-win! I also think that Walgreens uses Snapfish to print their custom photocards and the quality was AWESOME! And they arrived a day earlier than I expected them to!

These are the very cute stamps that we used to mail them. I went to the post office and asked for Holiday postcard stamps and do you know what the lady told me "We don't have those." WHAT?! Why not? A big plus to us doing postcards was to be able to save on postage...and a lot of people do postcards at Christmas, so it really blew my mind that they didn't have any postage for them. Oh well!
Holiday Baubles Stamps

Josh and I hope you have the "marriest" of Christmases and that blessing flow over you and your family in the coming year!
The Colvins
...man I love typing that ;)

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