Murphy Moments

Now that we have a dog I imagine you'll see him quite a bit on the blog as well as hear a few stories about him...I certainly hope you don't mind ;) Let's jump right in shall we?

I went home for lunch one Friday and thank goodness Josh came home that day too. I walked onto the deck and Murphy was turned away and didn't see me so I called his name and he turned around and had a SQUIRREL in his mouth...gross, disgusting, gross. I yelled for the hubs and he wrestled the squirrel away from Murph.

One Saturday morning we were about to get up and knew that Murphy was at our door so I asked Josh to get up and let him in and I was going to hide under the covers. The door opens and Murphy comes bounding in our bedroom and flies onto the bed and that sucker knew I was under the covers so he grabs ahold of the top of the comforter and rips it off the bed to find me. That is one clever pup, my friends. He also grabbed me by the hair this same morning...um, not fun.

He was sitting on the patio furniture before Josh left for work one day...gnawing on our SPATULA. That he jumped up on the counter to get...bad dog. He also grabbed the top to my Tupperware off the counter while I was in the bathroom one day. Looked outside and the kid is just eating away at my Tupperware.

He turns in to SUCH a little boy at night time. He gets this little puppy look on his face and turns instantly sleepy. He tries to fight it for awhile but soon you'll look over and he is holding his head up but his eyes are closed. He's my favorite at night time because he is such a little cuddle bear!

He often greets you at the door with a blanket in his mouth, it's really cute, and every stinking time you come in the door he grabs onto your clothes. We are really trying to break him of that.

He has the cutest little run and prances EVERYWHERE, oh my goodness he is such a prancer. When he's chasing his toys he runs so fast and slides down the hall and does this tremendous bunny hop at the end, I could watch him do that all day.

We put out this little sleigh beside our fire place for Christmas. It has little boxes wrapped up inside of it. Well what do you know, we come from church one night and there are 2 boxes and wrapping paper torn to shreds.

Anytime he steals something he knows he isn't supposed to be, he tries to be really quite and sneaky about it. Normally while I'm in the bathroom in the mornings getting ready for work I'll hear him go in the closet, be really quiet, then trot out of the room quickly. I follow him down the hall and have to retrieve a shoe...every single time.

He SPAZS out when we get home in the afternoons. As in grabs a toy and runs lightening fast circles around the yard, under the deck, around the patio furniture. LEAPS off the deck to run some more. Throws his toys in the air and then catches them. He's a little ball of energy.

When he cuddles with me at night he literally leaps into my arms, lays his head on my chest and puts his paws around my neck. I could die it's so cute.

My moms Christmas gift is closet to the window under our tree and he is obsessed with looking at of the windows. I walked into the living room one morning and he is standing, all four paws, ontop of moms gift! Good thing its a thick and sturdy box!


This little fella keeps up on our toes for sure. We love you Murph-man!

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