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Folks on facebook...and twitter...are entitled to their opinions, yes. But to categorize people to shine negative light on them irks every nerve that I have. I have put off talking about this subject for a long time because I didn't want peoples ignorance to stir something negative out of me. So I let this topic sit and simmer for awhile, until the right words came.

The topic: Marriage.

My facebook feed is about 1/2 who are people getting married or engaged and the other 1/2 who are people slamming marriage and slamming engagements and slamming the age that people get married.

Why? That is my question, why? If someone is clearly happy for the next step in their life and their relationship, why in the world would you post something ignorant like "People that get married in their early 20s are like, still teenagers, and it's just dumb. Why would you tie yourself down that like."

Everyone's life is not going to follow the same path and praise the good Lord for that, am I right? Some people are ready to get married at the age of 18, some at 25, some at 40, some at 70, and there are some people that aren't meant to be married at all. No age is right for everyone to get married, if they choose to get married at all. And it is so close-minded to think that because someone gets married at young age that they are "missing out on life and don't know what they want yet."

I am pro "do what works for you in your life in whatever stage you are in". It's just like when you graduate college, it seems like everyone expects you to jump right into your respective profession, make tons of money, etc etc. But that's not how it works for some people. Some people want to go to graduate school, some don't. Some want to travel, some settle down. Some get a job that directly applies to their degree, some don't. But if people are succeeding and enjoying where they are in life, why would you put them down or categorize them in a negative way?

It's bizarre to me. And drives me bonkers. LET PEOPLE BE.

I LOVE being married. It's the best decision I've made. I have never once felt like "I was missing out on life". Better yet, I feel like I'm enjoying it MORE now that I'm married.

This is a direct quote from someone on my facebook feed: "I just think it's so wrong for people (i.e basically teenagers still) to get engaged or married still in their early 20's. Like, slow down, live life. I couldn't imagine having a kid, being engaged or married at my age now but it's crazy how many people do. I just wanna live life and not go down that road until I'm 100% sure that's what I want cause I want it to be a one time thing. But, guess we all have our different paths."

If you're in your twenties you are not "basically teenagers still". And just because you couldn't imagine being married at your age, why does that make everyone feel the same you way do? It doesn't. And I just wanna live life too...and I am, everyday, with my husband. It's awesome. And I am 100% sure it's what I want and it will be a one time thing for me. Why would you try to say that someone that gets married in their early twenties doesn't know 100% sure what they want or that it won't be a one time thing? You're right about one thing, facebook friend, we do all have our different paths.

I just don't like the negativity that surrounds getting married young or marriage in general.

Again I say, let people be. What works for me may not work for someone else and what works for them may not work for me. Let people be individuals and make decisions based on what they want to do and what is right for them.

I love being married. And if you love being unmarried, then rock on. Seriously, do your thing! Why can't we all just support each other?

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  1. YES YES YES YES. took the words out of my mouth, sister!


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