I Do: The Ceremony

Oh my GOODNESS, our ceremony was so sweet and so intimate. I could have stood up there looking at my groom forever. Yet again, I cried the moment I came out of the doors of the ballroom all the way until we walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Walking with my dad was such a special moment, I will treasure it forever. He was so sweet guiding me down the aisle and walking me to my almost husband! I held tight to his arm and really took in the moment between us.

Josh was tearing up as I came down the aisle and as you can imagine, that only increased my waterworks. The moment those doors opened my eyes went straight to him and were on him the entire ceremony. I can truly say that it felt like just him and I standing up there throughout the ceremony...and I am so glad it felt that way. Our minister, Ken, performed the most beautiful ceremony I have ever heard and I am so thankful to him for that. He really honed in on the sacred and religious aspect of the ceremony and that was something that Josh and I both really wanted.

Every time we went to pray I couldn't hold my head too far down because I was crying so much you can imagine that my nose was attractively grossly running. Josh and I took our vows and also read our own vows that we wrote to one another and I could have stood in that moment and listened to Josh read his vows to me over and over again. I also could have stood up there and read my vows to him over and over again because I wanted him to know in that moment just how much I loved him and how much he meant to me.

I was absolutely GIDDY when we had our first kiss as husband and wife and when we got to walk down the aisle. Like, little child on Christmas, best day ever, kind of feeling. Magic, I tell you...pure bliss.


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