Christmas as Married People!

Happy Friday, friends! I have NEVER been happier to see a Friday in my whole entire life! I'm exhausted from this week and I can't wait to watch the clock strike 5 this afternoon and I am not leaving my house at ALL tonight and it will be wonderful. I'm actually excited to get to cleaning tonight...strange, I know. But I need some order in my house!

A little update on Murph-man: We picked him up last night and had to wait over THREE hours for him to be discharged...and I don't think they wanted to let him go home last night but we took him anyway. He wouldn't eat for the nurses at the vet but as soon as we got him home he gobbled up dinner in no time and was terribly sleepy, I imagine he didn't sleep much the night before. He was back to his normal self this morning and brought each of his toys one by one down the hall into our bedroom to make himself a little collection on the bed, it was too cute. So he is back in action, thank you for all of your prayers! No more emergency trips to the vet for that one, I hope!

Last Sunday we went to Josh's Dads side of the family to celebrate Christmas! We played a lot of pool and apples to apples per tradition :) Opened presents and got to see his aunts new corgi puppy. Josh and I LOVE corgis so we almost died playing with this little guy. He was SUCH a cutie!

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year went a little something like this. Josh had to work a 1/2 day on Christmas Eve so I spent the morning slaving (for real!) in our kitchen over the baking that I was doing to take to mom and dads later that day. Y'all, being in the kitchen was no joke! I was running around a mile a minute trying to time everything up right and get it all done. I ended up making fudge (darn you fudge!!), pretzel poppers, mini cheesecakes, and baked pimento cheese spread. I showered and got ready, loaded up the car, stopped by Chick-fil-a to get Moms tray she had ordered and off I was.

We had a great time at mom and dads and spent some quality time with our family. We opened presents and ate SO MUCH FOOD. But it was delicious! Then I took a little cat nap and it was time for the Christmas Eve service at church. It's one of my favorites of the year! Afterwards we headed home to feed Murphy then jumped right back in the car to go to Dads side of the family. Again, food was consumed, presents were opened and good times were had. Family just warms my heart!

We crashed in bed that night and woke up bright and early on Christmas Day. We jumped in our Christmas jams, jumped on the bed singing a little jingle about it being Christmas...then I may or may not have forced Josh to bunny hop down the hall with me while chanting "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" That's a good man I tell you. We opened our presents and stockings and Murphy tore into his and it was a perfect first Christmas in our little humble home. We had Christmas music playing, Christmas candles lit and the smell of coffee filled the kitchen. I adore my little family, they mean so much to me! I must tell you about the pure JOY Murphy had when he got his new ball. I wish I had it on video! Josh opened it and handed it to him and I kid you not, Murph's eyes got so big and he got the happiest look on his little face! He chased the ball around the house, dashed into the backyard, ran around like CRAZY, then flew back in the door. Oh, it was priceless!
Once we looked through all of our goodies we headed to mom and dads to do our Christmas with them and OH MY GOODNESS they got us too much stuff! We must have been really good this year! Truly, they outdid themselves. Granny and Papa came over and did presents too! Mom cooked a huge and scrumptious breakfast for us before we had to hit the road to Aiken. Mom has been longing for a Keurig so Josh and I got her one and she was shocked! I have been so excited to give her that gift, it almost slipped a few times before Christmas! Josh and Dad got matching shirts and mom and I got matching shirts...family photos in the near future?! Haha!
After we left my parents we hit the road to Aiken to spend the day with Josh's family...where I took no pictures, SHAME ON ME! His mom takes TONS of photos so I need to steal some from her to document our day! Josh, his sister Jenny, and I all got iPhones so we were obsessing over them most of the day, haha! Just like my parents, they showered us with so many gifts. Blessings are abundant in our families and for that I am so thankful!

Speaking of having an iPhone, you know the first thing I got was instagram! Holla! My name on there is lindsaybcolvin. I'm catching up on following all of you!

I hope everyones Christmas was filled with a little magic, a lot of love, and most of all remember the reason that we get to even celebrate. A sweet little baby that was born. I saw this on twitter and it rang so true "Without the cradle, there is no cross." Amen.

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Looks like you had a great first married Christmas! It was our first married Christmas too. There's just something different about a married Christmas, so much emotion and it's just so fun!

  2. P.s. Where are your plaid pjs from? Super adorable!


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