2013 in Review (the 2nd 1/2)

Find the first half of the year recap here!

--I  celebrated my 21st birthday and attended my first ever tea party! It was such a good time and I hope to make it a tradition!

--We put an offer on our first home this month and it was accepted!

--My MOH threw a me a perfect bridal shower! The details were immaculate!

--I had another bridal shower thrown by the sweet ladies at my church and so many people came!! Josh and I are so blessed!

--We closed on our house and Josh moved in!

--My bridesmaids gave me the best bachelorette weekend this month!


--We went on our honeymoon!!!

--We expanded our family this month and adopted mister Murphy!!

--This month began our first holiday season!! We put up our first Christmas tree and celebrated Thanksgiving!

It's been a great, great month. But a little bit of a tough one too.

--Josh got a NEW JOB!!! I'll talk more on that later but I am one proud wife! Thank you Lord for this blessing, we prayed long and hard.

--We celebrated our first married Christmas, which was the sweetest thing in the whole entire world and I wish we could do it over and over again.

--On the blog I showed off some of my Christmas baking, our home decorations and our very first Christmas card!!! There were also quite a few wedding recaps sprinkled in the mix this month.

--We had our first big scare with our pup, Murph, and spent a night at the emergency vet and dropped a ton of money on that little man. But he's all better now and was definitely worth it.

--And to wrap out that year I found out that one of my childhood pets could possibly have heartworms. Y'all, I was a MESS when out I found out...I don't handle bad new wells AT ALL. She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, I beg of you to pray that her little body can be healed and that we have many more years with her. She's the sweetest little pup with short, stubby legs and long,  floppy ears. Her name is Lilly and she (and I) would sure appreciate some prayers for her.

2013, you've been one memorable and wonderful year.

Thank you to everyone that has followed the crazy journey that 2013 has been! I can't wait to share my memories with you in 2014!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful year! The tea party looked so precious, oh, and you were a beautiful bride!!


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