Why not make some goals?

Let's make some goals this month shall we? I haven't made goals in quite some time so now seems as good as time as ever. November really came upon us fast and it's going to be the end of the year before we know it!

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1. Picking one thing to be thankful for everyday and sharing that thing over dinner with my husband.
November is the month to be thankful so why not voice what we're thankful for and really spend time this month focusing on all of the blessings that surround us everyday.

2. Praying over our place in church
Josh and I have been talking and praying a good bit lately about how we want to get involved in our church and this month I want us to decide what capacity we want to volunteer in and really jump in and participate

3. Spending more quality time with my husband
We spent tons of time, pretty much all of our time, in October together but life was busy. We adopted a dog, were still getting settled into marriage and I want November to be a month where I can just love on him daily and spend uninterrupted time with him

4. Reach out to friends
This month I want to be very intential about reaching out to my friends. Whether its a text, call, visit, dinner date, Skype date, or coffee date. Friends are good for the soul and I've got a great group of them.

5. Embracing the holidays
For Halloween I meant to bring in a festive treat to share with my office, but let that slip by me. In November I want to embrace the holidays, bring fun treats to the other or church, make pumpkin bread for my neighbors, etc. It's the little things!

6. Spending time in the Word individually and also with my husband
It's so important to my spiritual health to be in the Word on a daily basis and being in deep prayer with God each day. While I want my individual spiritual life to continue to grow, I also want to nourish my marriages spiritual life.

7. No spend November
I have got on my no spending hat for this month and I am determined not to fail! This month I am committing to not spending any money on myself, only on others.

What are your goals for this month?

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  1. Great November goals! Goal #2 is my favorite and something that's been on my goal list for quite some time. Good luck with them!


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