That time Florida came to Williams-Brice

Oh Monday, you came around way too soon and Josh and I had a fabulous coffee date with friends last night but I PAID for drinking a café mocha after 7 o'clock. I slept horribly last night...resulting in a sluggish Monday. But thank you Lord for waking me to see another day!

Josh and I had a pretty jam packed weekend. On Saturday he headed out to play golf and I sweet talked my mama into running some errands with me. I LOVE spending time with that woman y'all, warms my heart. We spent the afternoon grocery shopping, packing boxes for Operation Christmas child and enjoying each others company. Josh and I scored tickets for the Carolina v. Florida game, 2 for the price of one! So after he got home from golf we quickly got ready and headed out to Williams-Brice. This was my first BIG SEC game that I've been too...I've been to plenty of Carolina games but normally when they play a team they are pretty certain to beat. And while Florida is less than stellar this year, they have a way of sneaking up on you. We got to the stadium and found our seats...I should mention we bought the tickets from a Florida fan...and as the seats began to fill, there was a LOT of orange and blue around us.

The people around us were a pretty spirited group...and a pretty big group of smack talkers. We had Carolina fans to the left and right of us and Florida fans in front and behind us. A guy a few people down from us was just talking all kinds of smack about Florida and the FL guy in front of us had enough...he turned around and said "Why you don't you just eat your nachos" and then said "that's a comment on your weight, not your nachos". At this point the girl beside me (Carolina fan) LOST IT on the Florida guy. She got right IN his face, pointed her finger and yelled "YOU ARE A MEAN PERSON. YOU HAVE A MEAN SPIRIT. THIS IS A FOOTBALL GAME AND HE IS A HUMAN BEING. YOU HAVE A MEANT SPIRIT." She repeated all of this I KNOW five times, I kid you not and the FL guy just took it. It was intense. Football brings out the crazy in people, y'all. No kidding.

The guy behind us had on a big national championship ring that caught my eye so I talked Josh into asking him what it was for. Turns out he played for Florida in the '90s and Spurrier was his coach! I found this very intriguing. All was fun and games until this guy became SO CHATTY. He would not stop talking, not just to us, but to everyone around us and even to HIMSELF. He had a comment and an opinion on everything. He also moved from behind me because I "stood up too much". Um excuse me, WHAT? This is a football game right? I also had three other people move because I was yelling too loud...again I had to ask myself...have these people ever been to a football game?

All in all, it was a GREAT game! I had an awesome time. The environment was contagious. The stadium was slam packed, so loud and it was so nice to watch the FL fans file out of the stadium with their heads hung low...I may or may not have gator chopped once or twice at the end of the game...all for the love of football, right? I sound like a jerk don't I? I swear I'm not. I happen to be a very friendly football fan and never want another team to feel heckled or annoyed when they visit our stadium. But a win over Florida suuuuure felt good...GO COCKS! And Auburn beat Georgia...what what!! Now Missouri, I need you to lose one or both of your next 2 games. Thank you very much.

Can you tell that hubs is participating in No Shave November?

Sunday we headed to church...with extremely sore throats from the night before yelling fest, then went to my parents to celebrate my Granny and Papas birthdays! I love spending time with those folks! Afterwards we headed home and jumped into our running clothes and hit the river for a run with Murphy. He did a GREAT job on his second outing and we were very proud of him. After a quick nap and popping a pizza in the oven for dinner we headed to grab coffee with Griffyn and Brandon then came and home and crashed. Now here we are at the start of a new week...and it REALLY hit me today that Thanksgiving in next week...WHAT?!?

I think the holiday bug might have bitten me and I'm going to put our Christmas wreath on the front door when I get home and wrap some Christmas gifts. 'Tis the season!!

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  1. What a fun weekend!

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